Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Running in the Rain

Jodi finally got back home and we were able to resume our running...well, almost. We decided to meet at Terry Hershey Park for the first time.
As I was turning on Memorial (near my old house), I remembered getting drunk off Boones Strawberry wine with some friends at this very park. Only I don't remember it being such a big park. We were just getting drunk by the playground at night. Don't judge me, I was young. And sorry mom if you are reading this post.

I got there alittle early and decided to snap some pictures of our new running place when I noticed the sky getting darker and uglier.

Now, this happened before, but Jodi and I were blessed with just cool weather and no storm. Not this time around. As soon as Jodi got there, the winds picked up. I got a cool video of the tree barely surviving the wind

We did a quick stretch to try and beat the rain. I left my camera in the car, but Jodi brought her camera phone. I got some pretty shots of the little stream. This park is so cool.
We chose to go the opposite route we had originally planned, because the clouds were much darker down that way. By the time we got under the overpass, the rain started. We forged on like good little runners, but then quickly turned back to take refuge under the overpass. The winds were too much and blowing stuff in our eyes. At first I thought we were just a bunch of wussies since we were the only ones trying to survive Tropical Storm Terry-Hershey, but more and more people started to show up. This lady almost ate it, while trying to walk two dogs and only one shoe. This biker kept going, but quickly turned around.

After about 10-15 minutes of being huddled up for dear life under the pretty overpass bridge thing, the rain eased up or shall I say the wind eased up. So, we decided to start our run. We walked to this really pretty bridge area, which we walked, as well since you should always think about safety when running. It's not cool to run on a wet wooded bridge. We saw the run group that are there every Tuesday evening, but I guess they were either early or we just spent more time under the overpass than we thought. As soon as we made it past the bridges (yes, there were two), we started to run...finally. The rain was coming down, but not too hard (not yet at least).

There were inclines in our run and we got to see some duckies. Oh and this lady with very short running shorts wizzed past us only to give us a great view of her butt cheeks flabbing under the shorts. EWWWW. We decided to turn around and go back the way we came since the rain and wind were getting stronger. Jodi commented on how she loved to run in the rain. I was okay with it, but I had a white T-shirt on and a white sports bra. Plus, Umbros are not fun to wear when they are soaking wet. Another negative to running in the rain is that I felt like I was going to slip and fall at any minute. We took outside loops instead of just going straight back the way we came just to add more of a run. Again, our run stopped so that we could walk along the wet bridges. The rain was easing up, but I was pretty much done with this run.

We think we hit a mile, but not totally sure. At least some exercise is better than nothing. I did hike up my shorts like that lady just to show what Umbros do when went. They stick to your legs. We said our goodbyes and got in my car to go home...all soaking wet. Jodi said that the rain was pretty much gone after I left and she did more running. Like I said, I was done. I did get this picture as I was leaving of a really cool rainbow in the distance.
Tonight, will be better even though I am on slightly no sleep due to excessive goodby partying last night.

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