Thursday, February 24, 2011

...And I Jogged

I was anticipating yesterday's physical therapy, because Jeff told me that he will try me on out on running. So, I was super excited and nervous and just ready to try it. I even put on my tennis shoes just like he requested. It felt weird to put them on again.

When I got there, Jeff started me on a new balance block called the Zone. It was similar to the wood block that I used to go from left to right, but this one had a ball underneath the platform you stand upon. Therefore, it goes all around and it's harder to just go from left to right. Afterwards, Jeff put me on another wood block balance thing, but this one is designed to just go forwards and backwards. At that point, Jeff says to me, "So, I take it your ankle doesn't hurt." I said that it has been sore after Monday's session and his reply was, "Oh were we to mean for you?" I had to laugh and say of course. Next up, he gave me the 2 lb ball and told me to throw it against the net. It was hard to stand on my bad ankle, especially towards the end when you are tired. You have to work extra hard not to fall over. Next up, he put me back on the big machine to connect some dots. Only this time, he upped the skill level and made it a maze of dots. Whoa, was that hard. The first time I did it, I got a freaking -4% and then 16% the second time. He decided to lower the skill level, which was a blow to the pride. I'm not sure why, but I could connect the dots one way, but coming back, I just couldn't get it right. It was like Alice in Wonderland on LSD. Going there, I got 60%, but coming back, I only got 30%. I did this a couple of more times before I headed to walk the line. Only this time, he had me walk up and down once and then I had to walk on my toes. He noticed that I'm still shaky on my bad ankle. He then told me to walk on my heals, which was easier and I only did this twice.

I see Jeff walk to the treadmill and I get giddy with anticipation. His plan was to only have me jog for 5 minutes (he made sure that I was up to it at first). I hopped on (not really though) and he set up the machine to have me walk on 3.0. It was hard to stay in the middle. I easily moved to the end of the treadmill. Then, he pumped up the time to go to 4.5 and I was forced to jog. I thought walking was hard, this was harder. I was at the end and just wobbling through. I did about 1.5 minutes of jogging before Jeff said that he had seen enough and didn't want to push me. I was happy that I got a little bit in, but I was happier that it was done. Maybe if we had tried jogging at the beginning of the session, then I could do more, but my ankle was already throbbing.

And now it was time for my favorite part...the compression therapy. I earlier asked if the thing was working today and he replied with, "yes, but I'm sure I will hear about it if it doesn't." He strapped me and walked away. That thing was so tight and so cold, I could barely see straight. I tried to focus on the soccer game and was wishing I had my book or my phone, anything to distract me. He came over and asked if I was okay; that's when he informed me that he had a pressure of 35, which is high. I knew he upped the pressure.

When that was done, I put my shoes and socks (oh nice warm socks), set up our next session (yay, more jogging), and then headed out. I'm actually thinking I might do the 3 mile loop at Memorial Park...only walking. You thought I would say jogging. Yeah right, I'm not that confident.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skiing in Texas

Well, I am getting down to the last bit of my Physical Therapy. It has been rough and sometimes nonexistent due to weather (and last week being deathly ill), but my ankle has gotten better. Even though it is towards the end, I still had some new exercises. Jeff is starting to make my ankle stronger.

I did most of the same exercises that I'm used to doing when I'm there. I was even told to get on the big machine to connect the dots. I didn't break 80%, but I did more without using the handles for stability. Even when the thing was unhinged, I tried to only use the handles in an emergency. My highest score on that one was 63% (not bad). Afterwards, Jeff asked me if I have ever skied (hence the name of this post). I said that I had and then he showed me this contraption that I would stand on and simulate skiing. At first, I couldn't get it to work correctly. Jeff's exact words were, "It's not easy going slowly." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Finally after a quick demo and trusting my ankle, I started going. Man, was that a workout on its' own. My thighs were burning when I was done. Jeff asked me if my ankle hurt, but it really didn't.

Then, he took me over to this net thing and handed me a 2 lb medicine ball. I often wondered what this net thing was used for in physical therapy. I kept picturing people jumping on it and then riccocheting backwards (as an advanced move, of course). I was wrong. I had to stand on my bad ankle only and then throw the ball at the net. Then, I would catch the ball. At first, it was easy and I was just chunking that ball like it was nothing. After awhile, my ankle and foot really started to hurt. I haven't put that much weight on it in a long time. Jeff took me off and told me that I still have issues with weight on my ankle, but that is a good start. He took me over to get my compression therapy. I have learned that I'm sadistic; I guess I like pain, because I look forward to this darn thing. It hurts, but it feels so good. The machine didn't work quite right and I missed on 4 minutes. Oh well.

The good news is that Jeff thinks I can start to test out running on our next visit on Wednesday. WEEEEEEE! He told me to bring my tennis shoes. Man, I hope this works. I miss running and well, wearing regular shoes.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Machine

I had to skip out of work for 2 hours so I can make my physical therapy session. Normally, I schedule them after work, but we could only coordinate our schedules once this week. I wanted to at least get 2 sessions in this week.

Anyways, I did pretty much the same things that I have done. Only this time, when I stood on my bad ankle and touched those circles, Jeff, added a padding under my foot. This makes it harder to hit the circles, especially the top left one. I did get to watch some soccer; Jeff is a huge soccer fan. After my normal exercises, he took me to the machine where I did toe raises last time, but now he wanted me to get on this machine. It was called the Balance Systems XD (not sure about the XD) and was very complicated looking to figure out on my own. Jeff started punching in numbers and these circles showed up. The point was that I use my ankles to move the black dot to the circle that's lit up. The first time I did it, it looked like Charlie Manson's scribbling. I couldn't get that darn dot to go to the circle. I did a total of 3 times and my highest score was a 74%. Jeff said that was really good and that most people get a 62% as a really good, high score. Then, Jeff decided to unhinged the circular plate and my objective was to move this thing around and touch the circles. This was much harder to do and I had to hold on to the railings for stability. My highest score was a sad 33%. I only did this twice before I was told to get on the mat bed for my compression therapy.

I was ready this time; I brought The Stand so that I can read and take my mind off the cold and tightness. And I think Jeff increased the pressure just a wee bit more than last week, because it felt tighter. The conversation after about 5 minutes between Jeff and I went like this:

Jeff: Kristi, how is the pressure?
Me: I'm at the pressure point.
Jeff: So, does that mean that if I turn up the pressure, you will kill me?
Me: Yes.

I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's physical therapy, because the compression therapy really makes it feel good (after awhile when I have warmed up and can feel my toes again).

Monday, February 14, 2011

When Did You Get This Injury?

I'm prefacing this post, because I had to cancel my Wednesday scheduled Physical Therapy appointment due to the ice weather again. Our city isn't used to this kindof driving and I'm not about to go out there with the crazies.

I titled this post, because that was the first thing my Physical Therapist asked me after checking my sore ankle (I woke up swollen and in pain) and starting my exercises. It was the start of our conversation that led this way:
PT Jeff: When did you get this injury?
Me: Halloween Night
PT Jeff: That's a long time for you to be in pain.
Me: I know. That's why I'm here.
PT Jeff: What is your Doctor's name again?
Me: Dr. Valdez, Ray Valdez.
PT Jeff: Is he a Pediatrist?
Me: He's Orthopaedic. My husband would drop dead if I ever went to a Pediatrist.
PT Jeff: Maybe you should get a second opinion.
Me: Well, I did get an MRI.
PT Jeff: You did? Well, it's something that you should think about. It's a long time and I'm not sure this going to help you like you want.
Me: Oh okay.
PT Jeff: But we are going to try some compression therapy today. I think that might be our last effort and then we can discuss other options.

That was a little disheartening to here. I was also sure that I was going to have surgery, but my x-ray and MRI showed nothing to get alarmed about to schedule cutting right away. Now, I have only gone to Physical Theraphy twice a week for two weeks. The weather has caused a lot of issues getting to them. But, I do the exercises at home, as well. I'm constantly moving my ankle in the alphabet. And Jeff gave me a band to do these ankle stretches for the first time and I get to take it home for practice. And yes, I have been doing it for three minutes instead of the two minutes that was discussed. It was hard at first, but I finally got the hang of it. I also did toe raises, which I was scolded with the following: "If you are making that face, then you are raising your foot too high." He said from the beginning that he was going to have to watch me.

After it was all done, I laid down on this mat bed thing and they hooked up my foot to this wrap and machine. He basically said that it compresses my ankle, while soothing it with cold water. When it started, I was like, "OMG! This is sooooo cool." After about 2 minutes, I realized that this thing is cold and tight and it just kept getting tighter and colder. He came over to ask me how I was doing and I said it was cold and tight. He said that he was glad that he asked me, because he was about to turn up the pressure. What kindof sick, sadistic man does that to another human being? My toes felt like they were about to come off, because it was so cold. Finally, it was done and my ankle was less sore than any other time I've been to this place. It didn't even hurt the next morning. So, I guess I'm gonna try this again.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something New

I've started my morning ab workout with fierceness. I'm doing more than I should, such as 30 side crunches each. But this morning, I added something new. I did 20 situps. I was able to kindof use the bottom of the bed to hold me. I had to put most of the weight on my right foot since my bad ankle didn't like the full stretch, especially when I got tired around 17. So, I'm super excited to add some more exercises.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Physical Therapy Appointment Done

I had gone before, but it was more of a building a profile and getting some light exercises to get the swelling down and more movement before we started the real exercises. I got there early (30 minutes) and he went ahead and saw me pretty quick. I started with this wood block balancing thing. It was uncomfortable at first, but I finally got the hang of it. I was on a balance ball thing, placed my foot on circles while balancing on my bad ankle, and walked a taped ladder on the floor. Also, I got to do this watching David Villa and Merci playing for Barcelona (HOT)! My Physical Therapist noticed that I'm an overachiever. I wanted to immediately take my hands away, but it was hard to do that so quickly since I was putting all my weight on my bad ankle. Afterwards, he wrapped me in ice to get the swelling down. My ankle hurt, but I already feel better this morning.

Next appointment is tomorrow and then one on Friday. Soon, this will be done.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to My Abs

Well, I have had quite a lot of personal stuff going on in my life right now and basically doing my precious ab workout every morning stopped. I was either running late or basically arguing about something. So, I stopped. I haven't even played my ab video.

But that all changed today, this morning in fact. As I listened to Pink's new song, F*cking Perfect (yes, that's how it is spelled), I did my crunches. And I didn't count. I just crunched away until the song was done and then some more during the commercials. YAY! I'm back. I guess looking at yourself in the mirror (and not bad since I haven't been eating very well) and realizing that it's time to get back on the horse.

Also, I had to cancel Physical Therapy (my first real sesson) on Thursday due to our bad weather, ice whatever storm that came through. So, I go today at 5. I'm so ready to get this damn ankle healed.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chevron Houston Half Marathon

The Chevron Houston Half Marathon has come and gone. I was so disappointed to not be able to run and now will never attempt to try to this run again (bad things happen to my feet). However, I did go down there to support my boys Potter (full) and IT (Half). I missed IT's run, but I was able to at least see Potter finish. I tried to see Potter at the 10 minute mile marker, but I guess I missed him pass by in the mob. I was very proud of the guys. I had my friend, Mal (who is Potter's woman) calling me from Grenada to tell me where he was timewise on the run route. At mile 17, he started to hurt really bad with his knees and walked most of it. But in the end, he hobbled to the finish with a time of 5 hours, 41 minutes. Good job guys! I will post pics later. There were some crazy costumes and people out there.