Monday, February 14, 2011

When Did You Get This Injury?

I'm prefacing this post, because I had to cancel my Wednesday scheduled Physical Therapy appointment due to the ice weather again. Our city isn't used to this kindof driving and I'm not about to go out there with the crazies.

I titled this post, because that was the first thing my Physical Therapist asked me after checking my sore ankle (I woke up swollen and in pain) and starting my exercises. It was the start of our conversation that led this way:
PT Jeff: When did you get this injury?
Me: Halloween Night
PT Jeff: That's a long time for you to be in pain.
Me: I know. That's why I'm here.
PT Jeff: What is your Doctor's name again?
Me: Dr. Valdez, Ray Valdez.
PT Jeff: Is he a Pediatrist?
Me: He's Orthopaedic. My husband would drop dead if I ever went to a Pediatrist.
PT Jeff: Maybe you should get a second opinion.
Me: Well, I did get an MRI.
PT Jeff: You did? Well, it's something that you should think about. It's a long time and I'm not sure this going to help you like you want.
Me: Oh okay.
PT Jeff: But we are going to try some compression therapy today. I think that might be our last effort and then we can discuss other options.

That was a little disheartening to here. I was also sure that I was going to have surgery, but my x-ray and MRI showed nothing to get alarmed about to schedule cutting right away. Now, I have only gone to Physical Theraphy twice a week for two weeks. The weather has caused a lot of issues getting to them. But, I do the exercises at home, as well. I'm constantly moving my ankle in the alphabet. And Jeff gave me a band to do these ankle stretches for the first time and I get to take it home for practice. And yes, I have been doing it for three minutes instead of the two minutes that was discussed. It was hard at first, but I finally got the hang of it. I also did toe raises, which I was scolded with the following: "If you are making that face, then you are raising your foot too high." He said from the beginning that he was going to have to watch me.

After it was all done, I laid down on this mat bed thing and they hooked up my foot to this wrap and machine. He basically said that it compresses my ankle, while soothing it with cold water. When it started, I was like, "OMG! This is sooooo cool." After about 2 minutes, I realized that this thing is cold and tight and it just kept getting tighter and colder. He came over to ask me how I was doing and I said it was cold and tight. He said that he was glad that he asked me, because he was about to turn up the pressure. What kindof sick, sadistic man does that to another human being? My toes felt like they were about to come off, because it was so cold. Finally, it was done and my ankle was less sore than any other time I've been to this place. It didn't even hurt the next morning. So, I guess I'm gonna try this again.

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