Monday, October 13, 2014

September Plank Challenge Update

In September, I entered into another Plank Challenge hosted by Dannii at Hungry, Healthy, Happy. I did do this challenge, but September was such a crazy month for me that I just didn't have time to do an update on the blog with how I did on this particular plank challenge. I had to have emergency minor surgery on the day I planned to do an update. Then, work got super busy. But now, I'm finally doing an update.

I was super excited about this challenge, because I absolutely loved the July Challenge. Although, I will admit to being nervous about going for a 5 minute plank.

So, how did I do? Well, I will tell you that I never made it to 5 minutes. The challenge was just too aggressive for me. I managed to make it 2 min, 30 sec for a plank one time and after that, I just couldn't make it happen. However, this challenge was not a complete bust for me. I took my meager 1 minute planks to 2 minutes planks on an everyday basis when I couldn't even get a 1 min, 30 sec plank during July's challenge. I will take that success.

Even though I didn't quite make this challenge work for me, I upped my plank time. I also decided to make this an end of the year goal. I will spend from now until December 31, working on completing a 5 minute plank. I think this is a good challenge for me that gives me a slower time to make it happen. Each week, I will add 10 seconds to each plank until I reach 5 minutes.

Do I have an addiction to planks? Do you? Join me.