Sunday, January 13, 2013

I've Gotta Feeling...I'M BACK

My cast was removed on Tuesday. I was cleared to run as long as I wore the brace for protection. What's next? RUN! But when? Saturday! No matter what, I would run on Saturday. Then, I got sick and worried that Saturday wouldn't happen. I fixed up my ipod running playlist anyways the night before to get ready for Saturday (hating the new sucky itunes 11.0). And then the day came. I was feeling fine. I put on my running clothes, hooked up my ipod, laced up my running shoes (oh you feel so good), and headed out the door.

I decided against wearing my running watch. I just wanted to run.

I walked for a bit to get warmed up since it's been awhile. As soon as I got on to the main street, I picked up the pace for a nice slow run. A smile immediately formed on my face. I couldn't believe I was running again. It felt so good. I gotta feeling...I'M BACK!

It was hard, but I persevered through it. Okay, it wasn't as tough as what the marathoners are dealing with today...cold, wind, and rain, but it still was tough after a long road back AGAIN.

My plan was to run to the stop light, but the song was still going. I didn't want to walk at all. So, I kept running to the third stop light before I stopped for a walk. Wow! After five weeks of no running or any exercise, I was pretty happy that I ran that much without stopping. Whether you are in to using music or not as a running tool, music does pump me up. I hate running without it unless I'm running with a partner so I can talk to that person. Of course, I run with only one ear phone not on the ear facing the street and I keep the music low. You have to practice safety when listening to music when running.

A couple of months ago, I found a website called About once or twice a week, I get an email with a list of music that the site has compiled for your running playlist. You can vote on whether or not this is a good running or exercising song. I have downloaded songs based on their list; songs that I would have never thought to add. Well, they came out with Run Hundred 1 and 2 CDs. It's on itunes right now; I maybe didn't like two or three songs. These are songs that I have never heard of before. For instance, I loved when this song, Cool in a Cool Way, came on my ipod. Who doesn't love lyrics like I have fantasies about dark socks?

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out the website or go listen to the CDs on itunes.

During the run, I had to watch out for puddles and mud (not to be confused with the band, Puddle of Mud), but overall it was a good run. I have no idea how long it took me to run the estimated 1.5 mile loop around my apartment. I didn't have my watch nor did I check the time when I left or came back. I just jumped straight in to the shower, which felt so good, too.

So, I sit here on my couch sore from yesterday's run and watching the Chevron Marathon today. Congrats to everyone that ran in it! I'm so proud of you, especially since the weather was so awful.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Marathon Selected

Due to my surgery in September, I could not run the marathon in December like I wanted. Due to this broken wrist, I could not run a marathon in February or March. So, I went out seaching for a marathon. As luck would have it, marathons pretty much stop after the first weekend of May and do not pick up until September (very few) and October. I guess the heat has something to do with it even though May is still not as bad. I didn't want to travel to another state, because I wouldn't have any family or friends or my boyfriend supporting me.

Since I will be in England around October, I thought why not just run a marathon there. So, I scoured the internet looking for a marathon that was perfect for me. I found one in Liverpool, Chester, and in Wales. It was looking more and more like Chester marathon would be it. Then, another runner blogger mentioned the Yorkshire Marathon and I was sold.

I officially registered for the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon on October 20, 2013. I can't wait and now I feel like my training can take hold of me...again.

On a side note, I am supposed to get my cast off today. WEEEE!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


**Updated on January 4, 2012.**

I have chosen HORIZON as my one word theme for 2013. I have some pretty big changes happening for me at the end of the year and I want to take in everything that I can. This means that I have so many things on the horizon that I'm doing, planning, preparing, etc. I want to make 2013 about enjoying those moments and experiences with everyone or just for myself. It's going to be a busy year for me and I look upon it with excitement.
This represents the horizon for me. Looking out at the endless ocean and the possibilites.
I choose not to do New Year's Resolutions, but instead I choose to set goals. The following list are things that I want and expect to accomplish by the end of the 2013. Some of these will include items from the Last American Hourah List (this list was finalized January 1, 2013). I will NOT add stay injury-/sick-free to the list since I think that was my curse for 2012. So, here you go...
  1. Run a marathon. My goal was twarted last year, but I'm determined to get this done.
  2. Run a 5K in under 30 minutes. I was so close last year with 35 minutes (give or take a minute since I can't remember).
  3. Lose 10 pounds. This will be a normal and healthy weight for me, but so much harder now that I have mass quantities of Terry's Chocolate Oranges in my kitchen (and no I'm not throwing them away).
  4. Add a meatless day at least twice a month to my diet. This will force me to learn new and exciting recipes.
  5. Learn and master a new recipe.
  6. Use fruits and vegetables that are in season as much as possible. I hope this will get me out of my comfort zone of eating and then learn new recipes in the process.
  7. Buy my produce from a Farmer's Market as much as possible.
  8. Get my plate hung at Flying Saucer by September. Thanks to McLuvin's calculations and lots of visits with Jim over the holidays, I can so accomplish this. I'm already at 82 out of 200.
  9. Take a Mexican food class. I'm going to need this.
  10. Visit a new U.S. state. My plan is to finally visit Memphis, TN, for my birthday. I'm hoping to hit more than one since these may be harder for me to visit after 2014.
  11. Visit a new country. I'm planning on going to Grenada to visit MaloRee for carnival in August. Scotland and Wales are also on my list to visit.
  12. Race at a DE track event and qualify for solo driving. This is a must for me.
  13. Learn to stay positive no matter how many negative things are hitting me at once. It was very very very (did I mention very) hard to stay positive when I kept getting sick or injured as soon as I tried to get myself back in to training. It was hard to stay positive when other things out of my control were happening in my personal life. I just have to learn to accept them as they hit and try not to get down or take them out on anyone.
  14. Run on the beach more.
  15. Hike a mountain with Ashley. Can we for the love of all that is holy make this happen this year? I don't care if we do California or Colorado (although I would  prefer CO since that was our original plan).
  16. Visit Hiroko and Gianna. This is a must, because it's been too long since I've seen both of them (Gianna even longer) and I haven't seen Hiroko's new baby girl.
  17. Go kayaking along the Buffalo Bayou.
  18. Get my CHL. I know my stepdad will be happy about this. As soon as this cast is off, I'm going to spend a few days really working on my aim and then the plan is to take the class in February. I hope he's satisfied.
  19. Perform trapeze swinging and ropes performance with Sara.
  20. Reach at least 50 followers on this blog. There is a possibility that I'm changing over to Worldpress soon since it seems easier to follow someone's blog than here on blogspot.
And after feeling gloomy yesterday, I put on my Monster Ballads CD. Because seriously, who doesn't like to listen to monsters of rock singing some slow songs when you are missing your man? Well, Scorpions Wind of Change came on and it made me feel better, because this is what I have on the horizon for me. Granted this song was written about the Berlin Wall coming down, the end of the Cold War, etc., but it still applies. I remember when this song was played on MTV (when MTV still played music) live from Moscow, Russia at the Moscow Music Peace Festival in 1989 (although I thought it was early 90s and I'm still getting conflicting info on the internet of 1989 vs. 1991). It was the first time for Russia to have a big time rock concert like this after Gorbachev lifted the ban on rock music for one night only. It was the theme for the concert and a theme for things to happen. It still stirs in me emotions and that's why this song applies to me right now and for 2013.