Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Marathon Selected

Due to my surgery in September, I could not run the marathon in December like I wanted. Due to this broken wrist, I could not run a marathon in February or March. So, I went out seaching for a marathon. As luck would have it, marathons pretty much stop after the first weekend of May and do not pick up until September (very few) and October. I guess the heat has something to do with it even though May is still not as bad. I didn't want to travel to another state, because I wouldn't have any family or friends or my boyfriend supporting me.

Since I will be in England around October, I thought why not just run a marathon there. So, I scoured the internet looking for a marathon that was perfect for me. I found one in Liverpool, Chester, and in Wales. It was looking more and more like Chester marathon would be it. Then, another runner blogger mentioned the Yorkshire Marathon and I was sold.

I officially registered for the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon on October 20, 2013. I can't wait and now I feel like my training can take hold of me...again.

On a side note, I am supposed to get my cast off today. WEEEE!

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