Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Plank Challenge

August's challenge of 40 pull-ups/chin-ups assisted/unassisted didn't go so well. I did it for a week and that was it. I mean I did my normal set requested by my trainer at Workout Nirvana, but I never reached 40 again. I did attempt to try and pull myself up on a bar twice with no assistance; however, it didn't go so well. I just hung there like dead weight.

On a side note, my audition to American Ninja Warrior was quickly rejected.

I didn't know what I would do for this month or if I would do anything at all. Then, I got a post update from Dannii at Hungry Healthy Happy and it was like a light shined down upon the computer with angels singing Hallelujah. I got giddy with excitement, because I really enjoyed my July Plank Challenge and this is exactly what I needed. Plus, planks are excellent to build strength in your core to help with back problems (me), running (me), and everything else.

Then, I really read it. Oh crap. She wants us to get to a five minute plank at the end of the month. I'm not talking about five sets of one minute (like what I did). Nooooooo, that was chump change. She means one set of five minutes. Is this even possible? I couldn't even do 1:30 minute plank at the end of the month for my challenge, which was my goal. Hmmmm....what to do?! what to do?!

I decided to go for it. I sent Elizabeth a text that I'm doing this plank challenge and she crazily agreed. We are unsure if we can get to five minutes, but we certainly are going to try.

I made modifications to her chart (see below or check out Danni's post here with the original chart) since I'm already at a point where I do one minute planks a day. In fact, I do at least two sets of one minute planks a day usually one legged, because of my toe pain. So, I will spend the first week doing a one minute plank instead of a 20 or 30 second planks.

I'm not expecting everyone to do this like me, but it's a great start. If you are starting on your first plank, then check out Dannii's original chart to get you started and certainly work on staging your planks like the picture below.

Start out on these levels and work your way up (source image).
Do regular planks, side planks, reverse planks, and eventually get to one handed planks like this little guy.
Source image.
And then maybe plank with a friend.

Source image.
I think this is an awesome challenge and thanks to Dannii for hosting it. I started yesterday with two sets of one minute planks. I'm super excited to see what this challenge brings to me at the end of the month.


  1. Five whole minutes of planking?!? Whew, not for the faint of heart! You've got this! Oh, and I thought I had pretty decent planking form, but that level three blows me out of the water, haha. Good luck!

    1. I know. I'm anxious for sure, but going to give it a go. I"m sort of at the level 3 plank. I just put my foot on the other foot.

  2. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy HappySeptember 3, 2014 at 5:35 AM

    Thanks for sharing my challenge :)

    1. You are so welcome! I'm excited about it and I hope you get some more of my people doing your challenge.


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