Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Hot Sunrise Beach Run

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to run on the beach, but I fretted over my foot and whether or not I should bring Remington with me. At the last minute, I decided to go for a three mile run without Remi, while watching the sunrise. I wanted to take him, but he was dragging lately and didn't think he could handle three miles.

The plan was to run 1.5 miles and then turn around for the remaining 1.5 miles.

It was still packed with cars from the night before, which is unusual. It was also so freaking humid even in the dark. I was so glad I just wore my sports bra.

I ran 1.25 miles slowly without stopping. By then, my foot hurt bad and I walked for a bit. Then, my Garmin died and I switched to Runtastic. I couldn't tell what mileage I was at exactly when I turned around, because I had a weird stoppage between my Garmin and Runtastic.

I'm so miserable at this point.

The run back was miserable. It was hot. I was slow. I was in unbelievable amounts of pain in my foot.  I periodically ran, but for the most part, I walked a great deal. I wished that I brought Remington, because I all the walking I did. Oh well, lessons learned.

I finally made it back with around 3 miles under my belt. JL had Remi waiting for me outside to greet me. He was so cute running up to me when he saw me.

Overall, I'm glad I ran, but it wasn't the best run ever. And well, I'm not stranger to having crappy runs at the start of another injury.

So, let's talk about my foot. I've mentioned it a few times now. I've been having lots of pain where I had the bunion removal surgery last October. It started bothering me in April and then I tripped on a root in May making it worse. I guess I put the pain on the back burner, because I didn't feel it during the marathon. When I started running again afterwards, it slowly started getting worse (remember my first sunrise bridge run). On one Sunday, I had to cut down from my planned 9 miles to six miles and I walked the last mile, because the pain was so bad. I was now officially worried. I went back to the doctor and did lots of tests. It's still swollen there and either I'm reacting poorly to the pins or my bone spurts grew back (created new ones). I had a cortisone shot, which didn't help at all. I went back to another doctor who did my ankle surgery. He showed me that there is still bone spurts there and I'm at the last option...which is more surgery. So, there you go. I haven't decided when I will have the surgery, but I'm hoping to not have one this year. I would like to go at least one year without surgery. So, I'm looking at next year at some point.

And with all this, I haven't been able to train properly for the Route 66 Marathon in November. The plan right now is to drop down to a half marathon (unless the pain is so bad). I will reevaluate myself in October and see where I am at pain wise and running wise. I'm still doing the Oktoberfest Triathlon and the Spartan Beast Race, but unsure about the marathon. I am trying not to let this get me down, because I can still bike and swim and workout and at least run one mile.


  1. Kristi, I'm so sorry you didn't enjoy this sunrise as much as some others! So frustrating! I'm glad you have swimming and biking to turn to. Hang in there!

    1. Well, I still enjoyed the sunrise. I just didn't enjoy the running part. Oh well.


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