Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thoughts on a Broken Paw, Part 1

I'm at a week and a half of my recovery and I must say without a doubt that this sucks. Nope, not going to sugar coat sucks. I had a moment yesterday where I got out of the car with the intent to walk like a normal person when I realized I needed to get my crutches from the back seat. My mom and I had a laugh about that one.

Let's recap...I had surgery on October 2, 2013, to remove my bunion on my left paw. This is not my first foray in to the bunion removal world. I had my right paw bunion removed in 2009 (why I missed my first scheduled Chevron Marathon 5k in January of 2010). It was by far the most painful thing I have ever experienced and because  I waited too long to do the surgery, my paw was messed up beyond belief. It took me 3-4 months to get back to normal, but I wouldn't have started my journey without it. In hindsight, I should have listened to those people that warned me just to take care of both at the same time. Oh well.

I decided at that time not to do both for obvious reasons and I thought I would get away with not having to do this bunionectomy until I started running back in April and May. I began to feel pain in my left paw and realized that this is only going to get worse. I made the appointment and now here I am, couch bound for the next four weeks (at least). This also meant that I had to drop out of my scheduled marathon in October, which makes me super sad.

My mother doesn't miss an opportunity to photograph.
On a side note, I am looking at March-May to do my first marathon.

My doctor gave me hope that this will actually take the 6-8 weeks to recover like a normal person recovering from a bunionectomy. It already feels different even if I'm still on crutches. This time last surgery, I was not even putting weight on the hurt paw.

This is me on most days in the car.
So, back to my random thoughts:
  • I prepped my ass off for easy access to food. The Lean Green Bean would be so proud. However, it doesn't help if your ghetto Kroger's has crappy produce and/or bread. Lots of things barely even lasted half a week. 

I froze stews, spagettis, and other meals ready to go.
  • I'm so thankful to my parents for being here to take care of me. They are awesome. They make me food, get me whatever I need, and transport me to and fro. This sometimes means early mornings or in traffic. 
  • I'm so thankful to my dog walker, Esmeralda. She is taking my precious little man and spoiling him rotten. Although, I worry I may never see him again, because he may not want to return. 
  • I'm thankful to be able to switch cars with Dan even though it doesn't take much to convince him to drive my car.
  • Even though the automatic bathroom door set me on my journey of the back injury, it is a GODSEND now. I love automatic doors and surprised my ortho doctor doesn't have them. 
  • Giana sent me the best fruit basket thing ever. I so needed to eat more fruit. 
  • Speaking of eating, I'm eating way too much and my sweet tooth is back in a big, bad way. I need to get this under control, while I scarf down the lemon bar I got yesterday. Hence, why I used the fat cat image at the top. 
  • If your toes and other parts of your foot are hurting worse after the first week Dr. apt and new bandage than the actual surgery entry point, then your bandage is too tight. Get it fixed. I spent two days with what I call sausage toes. They swelled up so much, which made the bandage way too tight. I have since gone to the doctor and had my foot re-bandaged. HEAVEN!
Sausage Toes
Fixed bandage shows more toes now.
  • During my drive to my parents (with my mother driving, of course), I captured this wonderful sunset.
  • Tucker has been an Angel...probably because he doesn't have to deal with Remi.

  • I have daily visions of myself running and getting healthy, maybe even in November. It's intoxicating. I can't wait. I've even talked with Suzanne on some ideas for strength training (look for a post on that later). Now, I just need to get my food intake under control. 
  • No matter if you've been through this before and you have an idea of how painful this could be, you really forget how freaking painful this recovery is on the paw. OUCH!
  • The friends that have checked on me you guys! 
  • And I can't forget that I would die of boredom if I didn't have Jim to talk to all the time on Skype. I love you! Even though, my mom makes fun of us for just sitting there doing our own thing. She doesn't get it. I can't help her.
  • Good luck to everyone jumping on the Texas Women's State Record for Jump For the Rose. I was planning on participating until this happened. If you can donate, please go to the website and check it out. It's for a great causing raising money for this wonderful clinic called The Rose. 
  • I'm so thankful that last week and this week have been the start of new and old shows on TV. Even though I spent months stacking my DVR with things to watch during recovery, it just wasn't enough. I've only got four programs left and those won't last long. At least it's football season. This brings me to my next point...LET'S GO TEXANS! Put that crap behind you and let's win a game. All those people being negative are just morons. Booing only makes it worse and you suck worse than this recovery if you do it during the game.

Until next safe out there.


  1. I wish you a fast recovery from your surgery. Parent and friends are indeed great in times like this to take care of you. Regarding the boredom, maybe a good time to start reading. Take care

    1. Thanks Freya. Oh yes, I read, too. I just prefer to read at night to wind down.

  2. Sooo glad you have a good sense of humor which helps at least a little, Kristi! This is one of those things in life where it pays to be active and healthy so you can heal faster... and it doesn't pay to be active and healthy, because you are much more frustrated than all the couch potatoes out there!

    Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Beth. I'm trying to keep a sense of humor and stay positive, but it's difficult.

  3. Praying for a quick recovery! You'll be back at running before you know it!

    1. Thanks Allison. I am hoping for a speedy recovery. It may even be four weeks. So, I'm looking at middle of November to start running again if that is the case.

  4. Oh god you're broken again!!
    I hope your recovery is a fast one this time....!
    At least you've taken your time to get your toe nails prettified before taking the photo.. Much respect there. ;)

    1. Well, I had them taken care of for the English giant coming to visit me in September. So, they are still nicely painted.

      Yes, I hope for a speedy recovery, too, but had a setback this week with infection.

  5. I just found your blog. Fellow Houstonian and runner here! Hope you are having a speedy recovery and can get back out there soon!

    1. Welcome to my blog! Where do you normally run? I'm hoping to get back to running in the middle of November and then marathon training at the beginning of December. I mostly run in Memorial Park and Hermann Park and I love running partners if you ever want to join me.


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