Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where it all began

May 4, 2010
A couple of weeks ago, I was complaining to my friend, Ashley that I need to seriously lose weight and get in to shape. In December, I had foot surgery to remove my bunion (a really messed up bunion) and it's taken me four months to heal. It took me almost three months where I didn't have to wear the Post-Op Clown shoe on my foot and just wear tennis shoes. It took four months to start wearing regular shoes (nothing with a heel) and to start jumping again (yes, I am a skydiver). Consequently, I have been sedentary for four months; I wanted to work out, but it would exhaust me. Walking exhausted me. Going to the bathroom exhausted me. And everything I ate just went to my stomach and my butt. Sadly, I ballooned to a Killer Whale size. On a positive note, my boobs grew in size. So, the plastic surgeon was canceled.

Ashley and I decided to do a cross state workout motivation thing since she lives in California and I live in Texas. Our goal was to do at least three workouts (run a mile or something in the place of running) a week. We chose running even though I hate running with a passion, because it will be a quick way to get us in shape, give us endurance (which we badly need for skydiving), and give us a free workout since we can't afford bikes (I would so prefer to bike). We would write our workouts down and send them to eachother via email or text to basically keep on top of one another for slacking. We have been pretty much sticking to the plan with a few setbacks. I also finally bought some new Nike running shoes that I love. My Vans were made for skydiving, but they weren't made for running. Oy Ve! I haven't been able to run a full mile, but I have walked/ran them to completion and the route I picked is actually 1.4 miles in my neighborhood. So, I'm already ahead of the game. And on top of everything else, my coworker told me about free workout videos (you gotta love free stuff) on the On Demand system from Comcast Television that I have been hitting, as well.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a charity Sprint for Life 5K run on May 1, 2010, to honor MaloRee and BranDee Allens late mother under Team Teapot. Unfortunately, I couldn't go, because May 1, was the only day in a long time that I could train with my team for USPA Nationals. With my injury and bad weather, we haven't been able to train all that much and competition is in September. We won the Bronze last year and really want to go for Gold in the Intermediate division this year. To make matters worse, my fat size and out of shape body has caused me not to be able to keep up with our normal training day regiment of 10 jumps nor can I comfortably fit in my jumpsuit. I deemed myself "the whale rocket," because my speed is so fast. My poor teammate and videographer, Shannon, had to go into a Head Down position just to keep up with me in the Sit Fly position. Normally, Head Down is faster than the Sit Fly.

Needless to say, I was alittle bummed that I couldn't join everyone (there was like eight of them all from Skydive Houston). But sometime on Saturday, while I was writing about Team Teapot's 5K run for the Skydive Houston newsletter, I was approached by one the participants and my friend, Jodi, on doing a half marathon in January. This was the same Chevron Houston Marathon race on January 30, 2011, that I was going to do (only a 5K though) last January, but couldn't because of my foot. So, it got me weirdly excited.

Let's see, I don't like running, have never done a run race like this before, and I don't like running were all signs pointing to yes. I guess I felt like it's something I should do and hastily agreed provided that Jodi help me with training, because I really don't want to die. Also, she said that another girl, Amy, was also going to participate. We will be a running threesome (not to be confused with a threesome that most men would love to see from three women).

In the back of my head, I was still thinking maybe, just maybe, she's not totally serious. Boy was I so wrong. First thing Monday morning, I get an email from Jodi about getting ready, training schedules (using Hal Higdon's training for a half marathon ), and where and when to run. So, it's official, I'm running in a half marathon and starting to train today. Of course, we will be taking it down a notch on the training by starting with a mile instead of 3 miles like the link suggests. We have more time to train than just 12 weeks and I want to ease myself into this crazy thing they call running.

I was supposed to do strength training yesterday, but I pulled an arm muscle on Saturday and just couldn't. I have to take it easy this week, because I'm doing some serious wind tunnel training (skydiving talk) this weekend with Jodi, which will kick my bootay in more ways than one. Tunnel will also take place for my required cross training.

And Jodi and I have decided to participate in the Woodland's 5K series , which is only a $1 entry fee. Our first one will be on June 12, 2010. We plan to hit up more of these since they are twice a month, but Jodi and I have also decided to hit the Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure on October 2, 2010. I want to do as many 5K's as I can to get me prepared for the half marathon and to see if I can actually do this or if I'm just kidding myself. Jodi promises that I will learn to like it, especially when I see my new body in a bikini. My husband loves that to pieces.

Our first training is today at Bear Creek Park this evening. We will start with a mile, but I'm not sure the length of the track out there. It looks well over a mile, but Jodi and I will figure that out when we get there this evening.

If I die, I can only say that it was great knowing you. If I don't know you, then that's unfortunate.


  1. Cheerleading for you both in all your 5k runs, leading up to the marathon. By the end of it all, your body will be a rock hard machine instead of the 'flying whale' as you so describe it. Funny though, I didn't think you looked like a whale when I last saw you?? You're awesome. Keep on flying girlie!

  2. That's b/c I wear I big clothes!

  3. wow half a marathon very impressive. Looks like you found yourself a new hobby.

    1. Thanks Freya. Yeah, I did the half in December of 2011. It was tough. So, I decided that I should go for the full marathon in October (this year). I need to start working on that whole training thing...


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