Friday, May 21, 2010

May 20, 2010

WOW! I am still alive after my big workout. It was just Jodi and I this time around and her plan was to make me run the full two miles. However, I had a not so great lunch, which included a pasta salad that weighed heavy on me literally. So, we did our walk until the 1 mile marker when we started to run. I felt like I was anchored to the track that included burping up that pasta salad, but I kept pushing on through like a champ. I told Jodi that I would make it to our normal tree marker before I would need to take a quick walk break. However, when I rounded the corner close to that tree, I knew I could keep on running. I would pick a marker ahead and then blow through it on to the next one.

We ran for about close to one and half miles before I had to take a break. Plus, Jodi was running out of things to talk about in order to distract me. We did a short walk before I picked it back up again. We did a quick run before I had to stop for a walk again. I guess the heat and the pasta just didn't make it easier or maybe I was just being a wuss. The walk didn't last long before we ran again and ran all the way to the 1 mile marker where we started. We ended with a high-five for a job well done to both us (okay, mostly for me) and began our walk back to the cars as a cool down. I am pretty sure I ran close to two miles without stopping (or that's what I am telling myself). We did some light stretching and headed on our way home.

A couple of weeks before my 5K.

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