Monday, May 31, 2010

Head Down Skills Camp

Okay, I didn't do much running this weekend. Yeah, not so much at all. I was going to run on Friday morning, but Jules canceled on me. And by that time, I was so busy getting everything done before I left for Dallas.

This weekend, I was at another dropzone, Skydive Dallas for the first time. Yes, that's beer that I owe and paid to them. It was the Head Down Big Way Skills camp organized and captained by Brandon Chouinard, Ryan Risberg, Brad Cole, and Skydive Houston's Simon Bones. This camp is in preparation for the Texas Vertical State Record held on July 4, 2010, which I'm wanting really bad to get invited.

What an awesome weekend and what a workout for the legs, butt, and arms. My neck and back were sore, too. Just for fun and a warmup to the camp, I did two jumps on Friday. I was on my head for the first jump and in my sitfly for the second jump, but only because the formation was really slow. I was on my head for six jumps on Saturday and four jumps on Sunday (supposed to be six, but we got put on a weather hold), which is quite a bit of work on the body. I was moving, too.

For this camp, I worked on levels, track off, diving, and docking. I only docked twice on the last jump on Saturday. I was tired by that point and they just weren't clean and smooth. But I at least touched them. By the last jump on Sunday, I was there, but I ran out of altitude. I was finally in the zone (something I worked on all weekend and just couldn't get). I didn't have a whole lot of noise in my legs and arms, which is awesome. I just wished I had more altitude.

It was a mental barrier for me since these were the largest formations that I have ever participated in on my head. The largest one that I did was a 22-way. Yeah, that was awesome and intense, but I loved every minute of it.

I really need to get more aggressive and seriously work on my track away from the formation so that it's not dangerous. So, I'm working on this by the next camp held at Skydive Houston during the Heat Waves boogie on June 18-20, 2010.

Tomorrow we run for sure.

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