Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skydiver Hero

I didn't train last night, because our great friend, David Hartsock (BrokeBack Dave or BBD) was on CBS National News last night for being a hero. Below is his story. Plus, Jodi and I are not running again until Thursday due to schedule conflicts. I will work on some videos this evening. Anyhoo.

Hartsock Fundraiser
The purpose of this fund raiser is to help a hero in need. On August 1, 2009 David Hartsock sacrificed his body on a tandem skydive. He did this so his student could live and he is now paralyzed. His home nursing care ended three weeks ago and our goal is to provide home health nursing to keep David in his home and out of a nursing facility. His perseverence during this struggling time has given many of his family and friends inspiration, but they all need your help. There are many expenses that we do not think about that come with home nursing care and those expenses can add up very quickly. In order for David to be taken care of, he needs professional, personal, and reliant care on a daily basis. His mother has worked nonstop to be there for him and given up everything to be by his side; she hardly rests and never sleeps. And it is the little things that keep her up at night, how will she shower David without help, change his clothes, or even help feed David? And those are only to name a few. This is the reality of the situation and the only way we can make an impact is to provide David and his family with professional full-time care. People could never imagine what it is like to be in David's position, but when we talk to David or visit him in the hospital or his home, his spirit radiates. The greatest gift another human can receive is the gift of life and he has selflessly given up his body so another may live. All donations are given to the family to help with David's care. God Bless.

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  1. It was an awesome segment !!!! He totally did fantastic ! And on another note, this blog is really cool !!! Congrats on your decision to run !! I'm gonna have to check out the links for the yoga stuff, and soon as I get the go-ahead from the dr on my toe, I'm gonna hit the running again too. Its been awhile since I ran in 5K's and I used to run 13-plus miles in college - but that was a long time ago !!! LOL !! But you just gave me some inspiration I needed !!!!


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