Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010

Okay, so we decided not to do a run today since we are cross training in the tunnel on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I think I mentioned that in my last post, but just in case you forgot, there it is for you. Our intention was to do an ab workout this morning, which I faithfully did. I can't speak for Jodi, but she will hear it from me if she didn't.

Sadly, the first free video that I watched from the On Demand free workout videos was the 4th one in a series of 8. It was 20 minutes long and really just made me sweat. I guess if I had abs like the beautiful, bouncy blonde in the video, it might have been okay for me. However, I do not. I have a big, bouncy, gelatine tummy that resembles one of those sponges under the sea (no, not the sponges women use).

The second video was called Yoga Fit Abs and this is what I was looking for in a video. I wanted someone to work my abs into a frenzy where I'm screaming at the TV to hurry up to the next exercise. This video took a yoga stretch and then added an ab workout to it, while doing it free flowing and controlled. The best part was the girl was less annoying and she did yoga stretches in between the ab workout part. My tummy hurts, but at the same time, I'm not sore.

I tried to do just a yoga for beginners afterwards for more stretching. The video was cheaply done to where you can tell the lady (possibly she was an animation) was standing in front of a green screen with a Thailand beach type background. It was weird. So, I got to about the 2nd set of the yoga stretches when my husband opened the door with two dogs trying to mow me down. I survived the fact that my cat, Tucker wanted to be a part of my workout or just get me to stop and pet him, but I couldn't survive the Caliban. When she started barking uncontrollably and my husband sat down with his first diet coke, I decided to call it quits.

Next post will probably be on Monday with a summary of my entire tunnel time. Okay, a long summary. I will be with Simon and I'm sure I will have some interesting stories. I just have to make sure not to eat Gargonzola.


  1. Did Simon where his fluorescent green thong bikini (ie Borat / John Mayer style)?

  2. He brought it, but didn't wear it. Or I never saw it.


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