Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19, 2010

I finally got some running in and I didn't die. Although, there were plenty times where I thought I would, especially when Jodi (I deem the evil little fairy) says, "No, I said the marker over there by the parking lot WAY over there." Sheesh! But it felt good to get in some runs, especially dealing with the stress of the day and the upcoming stress I'm going to have to go through very soon.

J squared and I met up around...well, I have no idea what time it was. It was after 6 p.m. Jules and I did some stretching, but Jodi got there late. She opted out on doing stretching, which I warned her that that was not good at all. I decided to bring my Camelback full of water just in case I get dehydrated. I wanted to be prepared since I have been sick and really low on fluids. We are not in the cold months anymore. So, we walked our same area to warm up and then started to run once we hit the 1 mile marker on the track (doesn't mean we did a mile of walking). Jules lasted for alittle bit, but she is still dealing with her foot and couldn't keep up. Jodi and I kept on running, but we stopped ahead so that she can catch up and boy howdy does she catch up quick. Did I mention that she has a fast walk?

We walked some more and then started running, but Jules had to stop and we kept on going. However, this time, we went alittle bit further before we stopped to see where she was and if she could catch up. Unfortunately, she couldn't, so we started running again. I know, we are bad running partners.

So, Jodi and I ran and talked about our upcoming stuff (see below). We have the 5k on June 12, in which I was informed that I would be running it ALL without stopping. But this came after some confusion on my part, because I thought a 5K was 5 miles and not 3.1 miles. We also discussed the half marathon in which I found out that Jodi is going to leave me behind like the evil little fairy that she is so that she can complete the race in good time, but she will come back for me when she done. Okay, she won't totally leave me alone to fend for myself; she will stay with me probably for half of it. So, I really need to get my Ipod up and working with new musak and get an arm band.

By the way, I called her Evil Little Fairy the entire time that we were actually running. She understands and accepts it well.

We kept running for quite some time. We made it to that ellusive sign marker and stopped for a walk. Then, we picked it back up again to the building with the deck and then walked again. But we weren't stopping there. Our goal was to make it back around to that 1 mile marker from our warmup where we started. We picked it back up and ran all the way until we hit that 1. I'm pretty sure I ran over a mile and the total track time was roughly 2 miles give or take a quarter of a mile. Kudos to me! Our walk back to the picnic tables by our cars was the cool down and Jules was waiting for us to start our post-workout stretching. Jodi needed to get to her dogs, so there was no strength training or anything. Plus, it doesn't feel good to do all of that on the ground without a matt. We learned our lesson the first time. We did some light stretches and went home.

Tonight, we run again. Jules isn't joining us this time; so, it's just Jodi and I. She's going to hurt me, I can feel it. If you don't see a post from me tomorrow, please someone call Todd and my mother.

On a side note, I listed out our upcoming exercise big activities (let me know if you want to join any of of them with us):
1. Woodland's 5K series , June 12, 2010
2. Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure, October 2, 2010
3. Chevron Houston Half Marathon , January 2011
4. International Marathon of Marrakech, January 2012
5. MS 150, March 2013 (we so need time to train)
6. Triathalon, after 2014 (or whenever, because I haven't decided if this is what I want to do). Yes, Jodi now wants me to do this...I told you she was an evil little fairy. She will run, I will bike, and possibly Jules as the swimmer unless we find someone else more in to it.

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  1. BTW Kristi did great yesterday, and even when she told me she would colapse or die if she went further... I made her go farther and neither of those two things happened :) Today I'm going to be really evil and we are going to run/jog 2 miles.

    I'm hoping to not have to leave KWB during the half marathon, as my goal is to have her running at the same pace as me (don't worry its not very fast... I'm a fairy... I have short legs). But if I do trek ahead of her... I will come back, and we will finish together.

    Don't tell KWB but next week I have 2 3 mile run/walks, and a 3 mile run/jog planned buahahahahahaha.


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