Monday, May 24, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

I titled this as my birthday weekend, because well, my birthday was really all weekend even though it was Sunday. It started on Friday where I got my toe nails/nails did and my eyebrows waxed (birthday tradition) and then saw Train (my present to myself from myself) later that evening with Jodi. Oh and you can't forget the skydiving and partying I did all weekend long. But you don't want to hear about that, because this isn't a site on my life; it's a site on just the training part.

Friday, I was supposed to run in the morning. However, Jules and I didn't meet up due to us playing phone/email tag. I did wash the dishes, clean the kitchen counters, and do laundry. And I cleaned the RV when I got to the dropzone. By golly, that is arm exercising in my book and I count that as strength training.

Saturdays will always be my cross training day. May 22, I trained with my team, the SDH Outlaws and that is always an arm workout. We usually do 10 jumps a training day, but the winds were squirrelly and I got dropped onto my knees (no bueno). Consequently, we only did four jumps. I was totally bummed, because this was the first time in a long time where we had beautiful skies and my whole team ready to go all day long. And then later that evening, the male stripper had me dancing and moving around, which is more great exercise. That's right.

Sunday was a proud moment for me. I was hungover and had already stated (more like slurring) to Jodi that I wasn't going to run in the morning, because well, I was pretty "pickled." Yes, that's my new word that apparently is an old word to describe someone's drunkedness. I'm bringing it back. However, when the morning came around, I decided that I could in fact run albeit slower than usual and probably way more walking. Amy was there ready to run, but guess who we were waiting on? Jodi. Yes, she flaked and it wasn't even her birthday. So, it was just Amy and I. I told her that I may whine, I may bitch, and I may call you evil, but I don't mean it. Just deal with me and let it pass. She laughed at me and I knew this would be interesting. We took to the pavement in Waller with the morning heat already blazing down on us. Thank God there were lots of clouds. This was my first run at the dropzone and it was a nice 2.2 mile run that was discovered by Potter and IT. Although, I never saw the markers that they said were there. I ran a full mile before I had to stop for walking. I did pick up the running thing again, but it didn't last long at all. We walked all the way back to the dropzone, which was probably a half a mile. Amy and I had a great conversation about life and well, I got to know her a little bit better.

Afterwards, I was sweating like a pig and headed straight for the pool. I did some arm workouts and swam around with a three year old wild child we call Zaney (Amy's daughter). According to me, this counts for strength training. I did two jumps, which also counts even more and one was a wingsuit rodeo (that is way harder and longer). All in all, I did some pretty decent workouts for someone that planned to party and not exercise. Kudos to me.

Today, we rest and I need it. Tomorrow, we run again.


  1. Well, I am glad that you survived your birthday weekend. It sounds like you did indeed "blowout." But that's great that you got up and made the run! Steve Costello, Houston City Councilman at large, said you need to eat loads of carbs!

  2. Yes, I'm getting used to eating right first and then eating to make up for the exercise that I do, as well. The night before, they have this pasta night thing for all the runners.


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