Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Machine

I had to skip out of work for 2 hours so I can make my physical therapy session. Normally, I schedule them after work, but we could only coordinate our schedules once this week. I wanted to at least get 2 sessions in this week.

Anyways, I did pretty much the same things that I have done. Only this time, when I stood on my bad ankle and touched those circles, Jeff, added a padding under my foot. This makes it harder to hit the circles, especially the top left one. I did get to watch some soccer; Jeff is a huge soccer fan. After my normal exercises, he took me to the machine where I did toe raises last time, but now he wanted me to get on this machine. It was called the Balance Systems XD (not sure about the XD) and was very complicated looking to figure out on my own. Jeff started punching in numbers and these circles showed up. The point was that I use my ankles to move the black dot to the circle that's lit up. The first time I did it, it looked like Charlie Manson's scribbling. I couldn't get that darn dot to go to the circle. I did a total of 3 times and my highest score was a 74%. Jeff said that was really good and that most people get a 62% as a really good, high score. Then, Jeff decided to unhinged the circular plate and my objective was to move this thing around and touch the circles. This was much harder to do and I had to hold on to the railings for stability. My highest score was a sad 33%. I only did this twice before I was told to get on the mat bed for my compression therapy.

I was ready this time; I brought The Stand so that I can read and take my mind off the cold and tightness. And I think Jeff increased the pressure just a wee bit more than last week, because it felt tighter. The conversation after about 5 minutes between Jeff and I went like this:

Jeff: Kristi, how is the pressure?
Me: I'm at the pressure point.
Jeff: So, does that mean that if I turn up the pressure, you will kill me?
Me: Yes.

I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's physical therapy, because the compression therapy really makes it feel good (after awhile when I have warmed up and can feel my toes again).

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