Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Exercising

Well, Jodi left and I pretty much deterioted into a no exercising coma all week. I just didn't really feel like it at all. But on Thursday, Mal hit me with the question, "Do you want to run tomorrow morning?" I just couldn't say no. With much arguing about when, we decided to meet at 7:30 a.m. at the dropzone. Unfortunately, that meant I had to get up super early to get everything ready for the weekend. After all my errands and everything, I made it out there by 7:40 a.m.

We both did some stretching and then got on our way close to 8 a.m. We were worried that it was going to be hot, but it wasn't. It was the same 2.2 mile run that I did with her the previous week; however, we added a loop around the neighborhood. This put the run at 3 miles. We started off with a warmup walk and then got to running. We actually made it to the second stop sign, which I have never done before. When we hit the straightaway, I remarked about how Waller can be so beautiful with the early morning dew, noises, and sun over the landscape. It makes for a pretty run. Most of it was run/walk and especially when we hit the turn back into the neighborhood, that was all walk. Well, almost. At one point (nice shaded area), I said, "Let's run to that house about a quarter of a mile." Mal agreed, which meant that we ran a full 2 miles. High-Five for us.

And kudos for us, because both Mal and I got up again to run on Saturday morning. However, I was super sore. I worked my leg muscles so much during my jumps on Friday with Simon (to get ready for the record) and our long run the previous morning made for a difficult time. Immediately, I was hurting in my stomach. At first I thought it was side cramps, but it was not. Apparently, my abs got a work out on Friday. I was actually wishing for side cramps, because at least I can breathe those away...sometimes. Consequently, we only did the 2.2 mile run and it was quite alot of walking. I was still proud that I got up to run two days in a row. That never happens.

I did lots of leg drills on Friday through Sunday to get me prepared for the record. I'm still on probation. I will find out on Friday evening if I get on it or not. Wish me luck!

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