Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy National Running Day

I didn't run last night, which felt awful, because of two events that had occurred. The first one was going to the hospital to see my brand new baby niece, Eliana Joelle Anderson (5 lbs, 5.6 oz) born at 2:18 p.m. yesterday. So, I'm the proud aunt of two beautiful nieces (well, I think Eliana will be beautiful...can't tell right now). The second event was going back to the dropzone to celebrate Potter's birthday. Chef cooked up a delicious grub and made a special cake in the shape of a Jagermeister bottle. It was pretty awesome. I have also been bad about drinking this week (Monday was Memorial Day and yesterday was a birthday); at least, I didn't drink too much.

Anyways, back today. Happy National Running Day. June 2 marks a day when people come together to make their lives better with a run. It doesn't matter how long or how you do it, just get out there and run. Quit sitting on the couch eating your bon bons and watching soaps. Lace up the shoes, put on some comfortable clothes, plug in your ipod, and run Forest run.

In honor of this day, Jodi and I (hopefully Jules, but I haven't talked to her yet) are heading to Memorial Park to run with other people. It will be a 3 mile course starting at the Tennis Center. This will also be the first time for both Jodi and I to run this park and I'm super excited for the change of scenery. I got this from the Chevron Houston Marathon site, which means that people training for the marathon will be out there running, as well. I think even my company running group will be out there, too.

Hey and this will also be my first attempt at running three miles. Whew! Good luck to me.

Be out running or be lame!


  1. BTW - look for the sign that says, " The Seymour Lieberman Exer-trail " at Memorial Park.....that 3 mile track was named after him - and that's my grandfather !!!!

  2. Kristi I'm so proud of you!! you made it all 3 miles :-) and we learned about the 5:1 which I think is great! Can't wait for our run tomorrow! Oh yeah... and SITC 2!

  3. Next time, we are there, I will for sure look for your grandfather's sign.


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