Monday, June 21, 2010

Heat Waves Boogie at Skydive Houston

At least I ran on Friday morning. I didn't get much running this weekend. We were supposed to all run on Sunday morning at 7 a.m., but that didn't happen. I was up, but not in a running mood per say. I was more in a "Oh my, I have to make this hangover go away" mood.

However, even though I didn't run, I skydived all weekend long. This was the second head down big way skills camp; the last one before the Vertical Texas State Record in a week. I am waiting to see if I get invited. I still have to work on things, but I will be working for sure.

Like my previous post on Head Down skills camp, I worked my muscles and mind. This is why I consider this to be a cross training for my running. My arms and legs and butt are sore as if I did some kind of kickboxing class from Instructor Death. My neck and shoulder is also sore, but that's because I was on a zoo crash jump where someone crashed into me and I then riccocheted into someone else. Oy ve!

I'm not sure about my week in running. Jodi is gone to Los Angeles and we are going to try to run through blue tooths. Yeah, don't ask me. I'm not tonight though, because I am so very tired.

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