Friday, June 11, 2010

June 10, 2010

The euphoria from our great Memorial Park run was over. Last week, there was no traffic, I found a spot quickly to park, and it wasn't packed. Let's see, there was an accident on the exit right after the exit for Memorial Park. Now, it wasn't a parking lot on the Katy Freeway, but it was stop and go, stop and go. However, the exit was a parking lot. I even had time to stop and text, because we weren't even moving. When I finally got up to the front (which is a yield), the car in front of me started going without looking. I almost witnessed an accident. I made it to the parking area and there was nothing. One car parallel parked so bad that they made it impossible for two cars to be parked in front or behind their car. Maybe that was the point, but it sucked nonetheless. I saw two open spots, but obviously the cars didn't learn about how to properly park their car. The cars on each side of the space were crossing the lines, which made it difficult for my little car to actually fit. By the time I got to the third empty space with the same scenario, I went for it anyways. I just parked my car alittle out of the lane so that it would fit. I guess the fact that we were on the brink of a massive storm scared people away last week, because the park was packed last night.

I got there early, but Jodi said she was going to head out early, as well, because traffic was so bad. So, I turned my ipod on to Monster Ballads and stretched and worked out. I was also people watching. A thought occurred to me, "Do these people just come here to be seen or are they really here to work out?" My little workouts included chair dips (for the arms), crunches, side crunches, some leg thing that I saw this muscle guy do, and planks. I noticed this guy with a weird body as if he had been in the sun too long and he worked out so much that his body didn't accept it. He just sat there on the corner doing workouts. Oh and I saw this other man with a petticoat of hair on his back. Gross.

Finally, Jodi showed up. I didn't yell at her about stretching, because I had a birthday thing to go to last night. We did a warm up walk and started running. I don't know if it's the fact that it was 102 with a heat index of 105 or that I'm about to get my monthly visit from Aunt Flow, but I could barely run the mile. I made it to the mile marker and had to stop for water. I kept going afterwards, but I constantly had to stop. As a result, it was a longer run than last week. I stopped alot to walk. But Jodi did notice that my run pace has picked up. Kudos to me. Somewhere around the two mile marker, I took off my top and so did Jodi. We had our sports bras on; so didn't get all excited. I normally don't do that, but it was just too hot.

We made it back to end and did a short cool down walk. I went to my car to grab my clothes, we did a quick stretch (weird body guy was still there doing the same workout), and I headed to the bathroom to change. Putting on your hot work clothes after a sweaty run...well, is just sweaty. Next time, I will be more prepared with better, cooler clothes.

Jodi and I aren't running today, because we are resting for our big 5K tomorrow. Yes, it's my first official 5K at the Woodlands. I'm super excited. I hope my mom can come out to take pictures. I may try to do a yoga thing or skydive today to at least get some simple exercise.

Wish me good luck tomorrow.

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  1. Even though I am giving a HUPS (Houston Underwater Photographic Society) workshop at 1pm on Saturday, I will try real hard to get out there for pictures.


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