Friday, June 4, 2010

Yoga Fusion, 5ks, and Skydiving Bliss

Since I was late getting my last post about my activities for Friday uploaded, I'm going to just combine them all into one. You as a reader will probably like that better anyways.

Yoga Fusion
Jodi and I weren't scheduled to run until the evening, so I thought I would pop in some yoga video workouts (free from OnDemand) before everyone woke up at my house. Also, I wanted to use my new yoga mat that I got for my birthday. Thanks Mal.

As I was scrolling through the menu, I saw Yoga Fusion and thought, why not?! I understand the why not. I guess I was looking for a yoga that was all about the stretching and this one was far from calming music and light voices. Yoga Fusion was hard. I was working muscles and everything, totally sweating, begging for her to move on to the next pose. About 15 minutes in to it, my breast were hanging out of my tank top as I'm in the downward dog running man thing, when my brother-in-law came out of the bedroom. Then, my husband with all dogs came barreling out of the our room a minute later. Yoga Fusion was over. I'm not sure if I will do that again.

Woodlands Trial Run
I met up with Jodi that evening after 7 to practice the 5K run that we are doing next Saturday. We did some stretching, mainly my calves since they were still sore after the Tempo Training the previous day. We started with a warm-up walk twice around the school and then begin running to the right as they will do next Saturday. The run is a large loop around back to the school and is a different type of run for me since it was on a sidewalk and it's woodsy (that's why they call it The Woodlands).

I can tell that my endurance is picking up and it makes me feel good. We did the 5 1s, but we didn't have a stopwatch to accurately do it. We just kind of went on what we thought was five minutes and one minute. I could have done more, but I wanted to get used to this since that's how we will be training from here on out for the half marathon. When we got to the road to take us back to the school, there was no street sign to let us know that this was in fact the correct road. Jodi walked over to the street sign on the opposite side of the road to see and sure enough, this was the road to take. I did walk with her since it's just more exercise for me. It was a quick run/walk back to the school. We did some stretching and talked about our high school flashbacks. Nice.

Skydiving Bliss
I'm back baby and it feels good. I really needed that Head Down Skills Camp in more ways than one. It really brought me back up with freeflying confidence and just jumping all day long. Saturday, The Outlaws had training scheduled and boy did we train. It's been awhile. Because of my foot, I have been so conservative with flying my canopy that any type of funkiness was met with me sitting out the day. Our training has also been canceled due to bad weather. At most, we had done six jumps. Not anymore. Yesterday, we did 10 and it was awesome.

We started out by working on the front part of our routine (eagles) for the first part and then practice docking on a formation and tracking away for the second part. I learned at the camp that I was no good at tracking away from a formation; therefore, I used the bottom half of the training jumps to really work on it since this will save my life and others. The second jump was all about the tracking to get the feel. I thought I got the feel, but it turns out that I didn't. It took about five jumps to really get it. Shannon had told me to turn, look for the camera guy, and then look at my toes. I wished someone had said that sooner, because I turned and burned. By doing that, I was in the track hauling and when I went to my back, I looked back to see that Shannon and Jon were far from me. YES! After that, I never had a problem again. I can't wait for skills camp in two weeks.

We also brought in different moves since we are trying to clean up our routine and add more of a degree of difficulty. We added the 69 rotation and the flip down to totem. It was cool. We spent the day working on the pieces of the routine and then brought them all together for the ninth jump. Unfortunately, I had a major brain fart on my part and we spent the jump laughing and just doing whatever. I think we did a sit carve, which is not anything like what we are supposed to do.

On jump 10, we decided to do something different. We combined with other fun jumpers do a hybrid. It was the best hybrid that I have ever been a part of in five years. And for some, it was their first time. BEER! We had four belly people, four hangers, two stingers, and one video guy. The hybrid worked so beautifully that I actually didn't know what to do with all that time. What a great way to end a great day. Pictures to come soon.

I'm not sure what I will be doing today as far as jumping. I don't have training. However, I will be jumping and running around. I may even hit the pool again. So, it's all exercise. And I didn't run today. Amy was going out of town and Jodi is playing Volleyball. I guess I could have ran myself, but not so much. Since I didn't run, I will probably ask Jodi to run on a Monday. Oh, I hate running on Mondays.

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