Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Dingle Marathon

Earlier today, Jodi found the Dingle Maraton. Don't let the name full you; this could be a hard one. It's set in Dingle Ireland and even has the Ultra Marathon, which is 50 miles. Whew! I hurt just saying that. Jodi and I (and Ashley) were all interested in going to the Dublin Marathon. Main points of highlight for the Dublin one is that they serve freaking Guinness at the end of the run. Okay, this is what I read when this statement hit my eyes "More than half of the participants are usually overseas runners combining the run with pint consuming and exploring of the Irish capital." I'm not sure if the Dingle Marathon (it just sounds so funny to say) has Guinness at the end or maybe even during, but man, the scenery is breathtaking. We might hit both, but doing either the half or full marathon. I don't think my legs could handle the whopping 50 miler at the Dingle one.

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