Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks to Jodi

I titled this post, "Thanks to Jodi," even though she sucks for dissing me last night for our run in which I was forced to run alone. I was at Target when she called to tell me that she will be working late, but if she gets out in time, she will meet me by my house for our run. However, I knew that I couldn't wait for her, because I will get lazy and not want to run if I sat on the couch for a couple of minutes. Since I had changed earlier into my workout clothes before I went to Target, all I had to do was put on my tennis shoes, hook up my new ipod/ipod holder, stretch, and head out the door.

Now, I haven't done this run in a LONG time. It's a nice little 1.4 mile run and one that I used to huff and puff all the way to completion. I couldn't even run a mile. Last night, was something else and a big accomplishment. I walked away from and around my house in an opposite direction than my normal start point just so I could add a little extra warm-up walk. I put on my compiliation of ACDC and pushed PLAY to start the run.

By the way, nothing gets you more in the mood to do anything, especially exercising than listening to ACDC's Who Made Who. It's such a song to get you pumped up.

When I got to the sidewalk (mind you, this is still before my starting point), I started to run. I had to stop two times for a quick second to fix the volume on the ipod (going upwind resulted in hearing the wind more distinctively over the music) and to let a car go. But I ran all the way until I hit the turnaround point and then some. Usually by this point, I would have already stopped maybe four times for walking time. Not this time and something that kept me motivated to keep on going. I at least ran a mile before I stopped for a quick walk and then I picked it right back up again. Everytime I hit my short goal point (where I thought I should start walking), I blew through it. I even ran through my end point where I finally stopped when the sidewalk changed pavement for a long cool down walk. I'm pretty sure my run total was 2 miles, but don't quote me on that at all.

So, all in all, I was pretty proud of myself that I could do that when I couldn't do it before. I struggled quite a bit in the beginning before I ever started training with Jodi. I would have easily stopped to walk anytime I felt just alittle bit uncomfortable. But in my defense, I was still battling the foot thing and sometimes I stopped, because the foot was hurting. Also, a reason why I bought running shoes instead of using my Vans. Jodi has made me a better runner and I thank her for the help. But I hate running alone and she better not cancel on me tonight!

I'm not sure where we are running, but I'm going to suggest Memorial Park since we are going to the naughty place with dollar bills for a friend's birthday that's close by there.

On a side, bottom, whatever note, I can see that I have lost weight. I'm actually wearing an outfit that I have not been able to wear since before my foot surgery. My pants still are alittle tight in the tummy area (still working on it), but it's not giving me the massive cameltoe that it did these last couple of months. The corsett (not really) looking shirt now can be buttoned up. I actually gave up on this outfit in Feburary. And I'm okay with wearing this to the strip club tonight, because damn, I am proud!


  1. woohoo! congrats on fitting into "old" clothes! =) i know the feeling - i'm finally fitting into my clothes after having tyler.

    you're going to be a running addict before this whole thing is over. keep it up!

  2. Thanks Hiroko. I hope I'm not going to be a running addict. I have too many other addictions to work through.


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