Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Nice Run with Friends

This week, Jodi and I changed it up a bit with locales and types of running (weathered running with inclines). Last night, Jodi and I decided to go to MaloRee's house for a neighborhood run and then have a healthy dinner afterwards (cooked by Mal herself). I only wished I had brought my camera to take pictures.

We met over at her new place about 6 p.m. Okay, really it was closer to 6:30. I was running late, but so was Jodi. Mal realized that she forgot her shoes at the dropzone, so I gave her my Vans to wear (oh those can suck to run in for long distances). She didn't seem to mind, so we did some quick stretching in the house and then set on our way. The two girls tried to immediately start running, but the cardinal rule with me is to do a warm up walk. We decided not to run on the sidewalk, because Mal's neighborhood designer decided that the sidewalks would be made for just one person to comfortably walk on it. Well, we may be three small ladies, but we are still three ladies. That sidewalk barely fit my foot. So, we opted to run on the street. Normally, this can be dangerous, but there was hardly any traffic.

The run ended up being a nice 2 mile run around the neighborhood. There was bumping of arm to chest (Jodi to all of us) happening, but we laughed it away and continued our run. We only stopped one time to walk, which was awesome for Mal. I was very proud of her. Now, we are working on her to do the half marathon with us, but so far, she is resistent. Most of the time during the run, I had to tell the girls to go to the other side of the street so that we can run against oncoming traffic. It's nice to see what's barreling at you instead of getting the surprise hit from behind. Towards the end of the run, we came to the street that we needed to take a left and conveniently, there was a sign with an arrow pointing in the correct direction. Unfortunately, Mal didn't put that sign up! I told her for that for next time, we will need signs up and maybe some mile markers spray painted on the road. When we got back to the house, Jodi and I sprinted the rest of the distance. I also like to do a cool down walk and we did a quick trip around Mal's block. So, at least we added some more mileage to the run.

Afterwards, we sat down to watch (I wanted to watch Hurricane Alex news) The Ugly Truth as we munched on a delicious dinner, which included salmon tacos with mango salsa, roasted rosemary potatoes, and salad (I used Olive Garden yummy dressing). Oh and lots of water. It was such a great meal and I think we are going to add a run and a meal option to almost every week (just at different houses).

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