Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Running with the Original 3 1/2

Last night, Amy finally (after all these months) planned to join us on our weekday runs. With the uncertainty of the storms, we decided to just run at Bear Creek. I made the final decision, because I would rather be stuck closer to our homes if the storms came than at Memorial Park where it floods pretty bad. So, at 6:30 p.m., we all met for our big run. Only suprise, Amy brought Zaney with her. I didn't know at first how this was going to work since I've only walked with Amy, Zaney, and the stroller. But in the end, it worked out somewhat okay with a few lot of protests from Zaney.

Our plan was to run 6 miles (3 laps around Bear Creek) and 6 miles we did. We actually did 4 miles without stopping (Amy had to stop a few times to get Zaney back in the stroller). When we hit the first mile, I even did the monkey bars again. I couldn't do anymore after that, because my hands were so sweaty. But hey, I DID 4 MILES WITHOUT STOPPING!!! Wow! I'm super excited. In fact, we only did 2 very short breaks mainly because I thought my legs were going to give out (they didn't in case you are wondering). All in all, we did the 6 miles in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Not bad for us.

Our goal is to get that down to 1 hour and maybe 5 minutes (probably 10 minutes).

My body ached by the time I got home. I was limping around looking like death. Todd had a great meal ready for me to go with some good protein (chicken) and some pasta. I just wish my bird stomach would have been able to eat it all. I see this as a problem in the future. I'm still super sore this morning, but I can't help checking out my bootay in these pants. Running has really giving me something to look at!

Next up, the Cemetary Run on Thursday. Hopefully, the weather keeps up.

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