Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Running from the Rain

Jodi and I once again tried to go to Terry-Hershey Park and we thought that bringing MaloRee along would change our luck. Not so much. It was clear all day until the end of the day. As soon as we got to the park (we decided to park somewhere new this time), the sky got darker. Then, the thunder roared. Jodi called me on the phone and I made the decision to move back to Bear Creek Park. However, the dark skies followed us there, but this time, it just gave us a hole/clearing above the park. Everywhere around was getting hammered with hard rain. We were lucky.

And it's good to be home...where we started. I missed our runs here. We didn't do much stretching since the storms were headed our way and we didn't know if we could actually complete a full lap. Mal and I fortunately did some stretching at Terry-Hershey Park parking lot, while waiting for Jodi. We did a quick warmup walk and started our run. Jodi has been conspiring to get me to do more than three miles for the first time ever in my life. And you know what, I did it. We did two laps around the track to make it a total of four miles (and a little extra). Yay to me! Mal still needs to work on just allowing herself to let the run take her and not give in to the tiredness. If you can talk normally, then you are okay. Well, unless you are injured or have some kind of bowel issues (both times for me).

We probably ran a total of three miles, but that's a rough estimate. At the end of our run, I was just planning to walk the rest of the way for the cool down, but Jodi wanted to sprint. Since I can't let her go on her own, I went and Mal followed, too. Proud of us all for completing two laps even when it was hot.

Tonight, Jodi, Mal, and I run in my neighborhood. I have to map out two miles since I'm normally doing 1.4 miles. Also, it's my turn to cook dinner. What to cook?

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