Monday, July 12, 2010

Dropzones, Walking, and Kids

Saturday, I didn't do any running or walking, because I was still nursing my knee ready for training. When my teammates got there, we were on a load and in the air. Normally, we do 10 jumps, but this day, we could only plan to do 8 since Jon and Shannon were leaving early. We ended up doing only 7 since I messed up the loads. Our first 2 jumps went awesome and then we just hit a wall. However, our last jump was awesome. Even though we didn't do all the jumps we normally do, we still ended up on a high note and I had fun. And I got some cross training in that included lots of strength training. Downwind landings going super fast really toughens you up.

I had told Amy that I was going to run/walk with her on Sunday morning. When I saw her, I had completely forgotten. She wasn't planning to run since she had Zaney with her in the stroller and it was going to be a short walk. So, I said that I would join her anyways. I decided to go in my fitflops instead of my tennis shoes. I wished that I was wearing my sneakers. The walk was a nice little mile walk and it was hot. But it was worth it for the exercise. I felt good!

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