Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shopping is Exercise

Since I had a little bit of a knee issue from Wednesday's workout, I wanted to take it easy so that I don't miss out on Outlaw training on Saturday. MaloRee agreed to just walk on Friday, but she also had to shop for her Africa trip. So, I came up with the idea to walk to the Outlet Mall, shop, and then walk back home. The total roundtrip walk is 1.4 miles from my house to the stop sign. Therefore, this would probably be close to 1.75 miles, not including all the walking we would do inside the mall.

Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I have had a love/hate/hate relationship with this Outlet Mall. I boycotted it for many months when it was first built, because it was built in my neighborhood. Not to the side, not on the outskirts, no, directly in it. But then Hurricane Ike hit and it changed my views completely. We were on the same power grid as the Outlet Mall and we got our electricity within 48 hours. The rest of the neighborhood got power back a week later. I love you Outlet Mall.

We walked up to the mall and wouldn't you know, it started raining. It hadn't rained all day, but as soon as we started walking, it hit us hard. And it was all in the direct path of where we had to walk. We made it through the monsoon and up to the mall. It was hot and I was wearing jean capris, which made it much more stickier. Bad idea. Mal and I quickly got to the shopping as soon as we got there. We shopped literally until we dropped. Everything Mal bought, I bought in a different color. I justified it by buying things for Todd.

Two things I learned: 1.) Mal is not the best person to go with when you need to shop. She's a bad influence. 2.) Bring your ID to the Outlet Mall, because everywhere wanted to see it. 3.) If you walk to the Outlet Mall, it's not a good idea to shop til drop. You need to remember that you have to carry all this stuff back. At least I got some strength training in on the long walk back home. And boy was it a long walk back.

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