Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Massage Therapy Appointment

I was supposed to go to physical therapy for my back, but after waiting for 40 minutes on my lunchbreak and I still hadn't seen the doctor, I decided to bail. I was already nervous about the place, because it was in the ghetto, it was shady looking, and they only had 1 doctor for all these people that they scheduled at pretty much the same time.

I had already been conversing with this licensed massage therapist and thought, why not. I would love to have my friend, JL work on me, because she knows my back; however, she doesn't live by me. So, I went with this lady, but not before getting advice from JL. It turns out the lady lives right by my parents.

How convenient and wished I would have known that sooner. We discuss my accident and what she does. I told her that I usually get deep tissue massages at 60 minutes and when I say deep, it's deep. She, of course, told me that you probably didn't have it deep like the way I give it. Now, if you have a dirty mind, you took that completely different. I can't help what was said. Anyhoo. I told her okay. This is the same response that I get from all of my new massage people. And when they start working it, they think it's deep and it's not. We also discussed that I would breathe and she will ask me about pressure. Yes, things I know. This isn't my first rodeo lady. Plus, I will tell you when it hurts or when it's not too much. Well, maybe not tell her when it's not too much since my back is messed up and I don't want to make it worse.

She told me to face up, which normally, I start face down. She worked a great deal on my neck and figuring out the spots that need fixing. She moved and massaged and it felt good, but my back was begging for attention. She did some weird stuff with my face that was just uncomfortable. She checked my chest saying that whiplash will cauase injury here in the chest. Whatever, it felt good. There was spots she it and my shoulder would get sharp pains. I told her that was sharp and to move on. Then, I got to turn to my back. She was all over it and it did feel good. She noticed that I have a zigzag of pain, which I already knew. Everything was so tight that I could barely feel when she touched me, which is not a good thing. Then, she went after the butt and it did fix a great deal of areas on my back.

All in all, it was a good session, but I'm going to need more. Now, can I afford it right off the bat even though my insurance covers this type of thing. Hmmmmm......

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  1. Did you feel better afterwards - did the massage help?

    I did hear that deep tissue massages HURT but I've never had one. I've had a sports massage which was just relaxing instead of rough, so I don't think the lady did it right :)


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