Friday, April 1, 2011

Energy Meditation

After finishing Eat, Pray, Love, I decided that maybe I should go ahead and try something like yoga and meditation to really clear my head. Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm going through alot right now and my mind could certainly use some concentration. I researched places around the city (now that I'm living in the loop, I have more opportunities to do things like this...all over) and found Dahn Yoga. This one had a great introductory class price of $30.00 and it really focused on the breathing/meditation. I signed up for a class and said, "What the hell?"

I showed up right on time and the nice guy named Yam gave me a glass of tea. I hate tea, but I figured that I need to suck it up and get the whole experience. It was actually not bad and tasted like brown sugar. My friend Gianna would be so proud of me and give her glimmers of hope that I could drink tea at the Savoy in London. Don't get crazy. He took me in this room, which was really nice and relaxing, but they were doing Tai Chi and Martial Arts in the other room. The instructor lady was loud and I was worried that she might be a distraction when I'm trying to learn to meditate. I'm already distracted enough internally; I can easily be distracted externally.

Yam tests me on my flexibility in stretching. Some of it was hard and stretched out areas of my body that I didn't know existed. He said that I had good flexibility. The last test was standing on one foot with the other foot rested on the knee (both legs) and then do it again with the eyes closed. He asked me which one was easier and I said that when I had my eyes opened. We discussed the why and I think he was impressed, because I told him about how seeing with your eyes allow you to balance easier instead of using and relying on your core muscles to balance when your eyes are closed.

Then, Yam laid me down to do the energy meditation. There were different levels (don't remember all): Chest, Stomach, feet (which I thought he said fit), etc. I started the breathing and at first, it was just me forcing the breath, but after awhile I started to move with the breath. He told me to breathe out the bad and breath in the light and goodness. Then, we tried again, but this time, he told me to imagine a pool of energy above my chest, a drop of water hits my chest, and the bad energy flows out down my arms and out my fingertips. I could feel like someone was blowing wind down my body and it was cold (it wasn't him). He said that I had a great deal of blockage around my chest and that I won't be able to breathe right until I unblock. I told him that I have a huge wall being built and layered around my heart. He was impressed that I was in touch with what's going on with my body.

Next up was the energy ball trick. I had my palms facing eachother and pretended that there was a ball of energy between the palms. I moved the energy ball in and out making it stronger. It was weird, but my hands just took over and it felt like I had a ball of energy there. Sometimes, I would think about it and the energy ball would go away, but I got it back. After that, he went to my stomach. Only this time, he was basically kneading the dough on my tummy and I had to relax in to it. This was a surreal experience, but I liked it. He moved to my chest and my arms. I felt tingly in my body (not an orgasm) and I saw so many colors: white, orange, yellow, and then finished off with Red and Magenta. It was interesting. I felt so relaxed and Yam said that my face looked lighter (that's when I felt heat in the back of my weird).

We went through the pricing, but unfortunately, I just can't afford this right now. I want to try this again and I will.

On a side note, I did 50 crunches, 30 side crunches (body turned to the side) each, and 20 situps that morning.

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