Thursday, April 7, 2011

Memorial Running...But With Someone

My plan was to go see an apartment and then head for a run at Memorial Park when I was done. My coworker, Amy came in and somehow I mentioned to her that I ran on Tuesday. She expressed an interest in coming with me and I invited her to run with me yesterday. She also said that she might join me on the Sprint For Life 5K run on May 7, 2011, to honor the memory of MaloRee's and BranDee's mom (since they won't be in Houston).

First things first, don't go to Memorial Park during the week between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., because it is stupid packed. In fact, I had to park so very far away in a little kid park that I didn't even know existed. I also had to change in the Port-O-Potty, because it was the closest thing around. I was going to change in my car, but there were kids all over the place and didn't feel like getting a charge or an arrest for indecent exposure.

I walked over to the adult playground to meet Amy and boy was it a walk. It was actually a really great pre-run walk, but I wished I would have stretched beforehand. I was feeling it by the time I made it to Amy. In fact, I didn't do any pre-run stretching, which is never a good idea.

Amy and I started to run at that 3 mile marker and it was nice to have someone to talk to for a change. My ipod is broken now and I lost my old running partner. Even though I do have a clear mind when I run alone, those negative thoughts still creep up easily some times, such as, "Hey, you can walk right now. No one will say anything." But with someone next to you talking, you can forget about the fact that you are running. We talked about apartments and dogs and before we knew it, I looked up to see that we were close to our turnaround point (1 mile). It just flew by and I liked it. We stopped at the 1 mile marker, turned around, and walked. She didn't look like she was even phased. I began to think she lied about not being any good or that she doesn't run all that much.

Somewhere during the walk, I even felt like I could do more and said that we should pick up the run again. We did and ran all the way back to the 3 mile marker. I high-fived her (because that's what I do) to signify a great run. I'm not sure how much we actually ran, but it was around the 1.5 miles. This is not bad for me considering that I ran 1.25 miles on Tuesday. I also felt like our 1 mile yesterday was pretty fast, but I wouldn't know for sure since I forgot to check my phone.

We parted ways and I went to the adult playground for a workout. That morning, I did 50 crunches, 30 side crunches each, and 20 situps (forgot squats). After the run, I did 3 sets of 20 pushups using the lower bar, 3 sets of 20 squats (Jackie style) in between the pushups, 4 sets of 25 scissors, and then a really good stretching session. When I was done, I walked the long way back to my car. I even thought about picking up the run again, but my legs were relaxed from the stretch. On the way back, I saw this beautiful tree and thought that would be a good place to just sit and relax one day (maybe even a future meditation spot).

I also saw this big group gathered around listening to this lady talk about running; the group was called Power Motion (PM for short). People asked questions (good questions) about why they weren't losing weight if they were watching what they eat and exercising or about what to do if they get hungry at 10 p.m. She answered the questions (you aren't eating enough to the first questions and it's okay to eat at 10 p.m., but eat something right and make sure you are hungry enough to eat carrots or broccoli...a good way to judge if you are really hungry) and then they left for their run.

On a side note, putting 2 cellphones in my No Bounce Belt didn't work at all. But I believe it was the way that I fixed up my belt. Even when I took Amy's out, my phone was alittle bothersome (not bad though). I will have that ready for next time. I'm off to San Francisco today to do hiking and skydiving and probably lots of walking. I can't wait and something I need really bad. But it's all exercise!

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