Monday, October 25, 2010

Winehouse Dropzone Running

I woke up this morning with a need to run...oh and to get home to feed my cats. But I decided to take on some running first at the dropzone since I haven't all weekend. I wanted to run on Sunday morning, but I wanted to be lazy and shower instead. So, here I am at 7 in the morning under a really cloudy sky...running. I did stretch beforehand, a good long 10 minute stretch, too.

If you haven't guessed it by now, I put on Amy Winehouse Back in Black to listen on my ipod to match the weather (dark, crazy, and may just puke on you from too much heroin). I did my standard warmup walk to the first stopsign before I started running and I ran all the way to the next stopsign. My plan was to keep on going, but hard drinking for the last two days and no running caused me to pretty much stop to walk. So, I walked, but only for a short period of time before I picked up the run again until the next stopsign. And I'm proud of myself, because I only walked (short walk) once on this back stretch. However, when I got to the front long stretch, I walked more than I originally planned. In fact, I walked 4 times all together and they were longer than I wanted.

I'm not sure what it is about this front long stretch, but I always get a really bad side cramp. On other runs, if I get a cramp, I just push through it, but this one is different. It almost feels like I have appendicitis, which causes me to stop and pretty much die on the road. I'm thinking that I'm going to change the direction so that I'm not doing the really long, hard, long front stretch at the end of the run, but instead, start it at beginning.

My cool down walk was quite a bit of a walk than normal, but I got a good 2.2 mile walk/run in to start my week. I plan to keep this up all week. I even brought home the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD from the RV so that I can start some other kind of exercise. I really want my abs to be not so flabby and well, jiggling when I run. And I still couldn't pull off the low rider jeans or the Princess Leia slave outfit.

On a side note, my cats didn't kill eachother or pee on my new rug. I fed them and they are so happy to have me home. I missed those darn "fight to the death" cats.


  1. I hate those darn side cramps!! I once read they're about the specific way you breathe or something, and deep breathing is supposed to help... but it never does! I can't ever run through one, either. :(

  2. Yes, that's why I'm thinking about changing the direction of the run so that I'm doing the longer and harder stretch at the beginning. I'll let you know how it goes.


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