Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to the Basics of DVDs

The weather was iffy and the wind was super high all morning. Therefore, I decided to forego running and do some video workouts. Okay, really, I was going to do a yoga workout on On Demand for free and then run. However, as I sat on the couch, I just didn't feel like running.

I thought, "Hey self, why not bust out that Biggest Loser DVD
that you paid money for and haven't used yet?" I guess being unemployed and strapped for cash, I realize the importance of all my purchases now. So, I fired up that bad boy Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD with Bob this time, who I secretly love, but I'm not sure if he's gay or just super country nice. Anyhoo. This DVD is a 6-week program; the first week has a quick warm-up, 20 minute Boot Camp, and then a cool down. There is 4 boot camps in total, but I thought I would just do the first one to see how much he will kill me, annoy me, or just make me feel good.

The warm-up was really nice and easy, but at the same time, got me pumped up. The 20 minute workout was really hard on the legs. The only thing that was not good was I didn't have weights, which made the exercises less than what was on television. I used a vase for the weights and just switched it out the best I could until I had enough. After awhile, I just gave up and did the exercises without the weights. By the end, my legs were shaking and I was praying for it to end. The cool down had a yoga inspiration with maximum stretching. I liked it.

Did it work out my legs and now they are completely jell-o? Yes! Was I sweating like a pig at the end? Yes! Was I out of breath? Yes! Now, was Jilian's DVD better? I could barely finish 10 minutes of Jilian's DVD. So, Yes! Do I like Bob better? Oh God, yes! Will I do the full 6-week program? Maybe, we shall see.

Afterwards, I felt like doing a full yoga video or something else. I just didn't feel like I did enough. I turned on a Yoga for Abs On Demand 10 minute video. It felt good, but not great. My abs did burn a bit, but I was looking for more yoga stretching, too. In 10 minutes, you just can't get all that done. I think I need to just break down and buy a full yoga video and possibly some weights. Well, job first and then those items.

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  1. Sounds like a good work-out!
    My mum used to fill bottles with sand for home-made weights, since she didn't want to buy any :)


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