Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Modest Running

Since I'm unemployed right now and staying at the dropzone almost every night (okay, every night), I have been doing quite a bit of dropzone running in the early morning. Monday was no different. I decided to hit up the same route I did on Sunday, but this time, there was no fog, no mood. It was just pretty and not as hot.

I stretched, put in some Modest Mouse, walked it out, and then off to the running. I made it farther than the stop sign before I had to take a break to walk. It was the same as Sunday, run/walk, run/walk, run/walk some more. I tried to do less time walking and more time running, still building up my endurance. The morning was not like the foggy morning from Sunday, but it did have fog on the ground. It was kindof cool and made it seem like I was running along the English countryside, which went well with Modest Mouse in my ears. I had a plan to run from the Hart's house all the way until I reached the stopsign for my turn in point, but I got a really bad side cramp that felt like I had appendicitis just bursting through my stomach. This caused me to walk again.

I usually stop to walk at the 2.2 mile marker, but since I added some more walking, I decided to run until I reached the huts. That made me feel good about my morning run.


  1. WHAT UNEMPLOYED!!!! How will you pay my social security! Running? Hell, you don't have time for that. Get out there and find another damn job! How will I buy groceries this month? What am I going to do???? Obama please help me! Send me some of that Obama money! My daughter is unemployed!

  2. I will pay for everything...just as long as you start making those quilts.


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