Sunday, October 10, 2010

Foggy Sunday Morning Run

I haven't been able to run all week due to the flu. It was like a freight train had hit me full force and then went back for seconds. It was ugly. Needless to say, today was the only day that I could actually run. And what a morning to run. It was not hot...that's the key, not hot. It was nice and chilly and foggy. What's great about foggy runs is that you don't see the distance that you are running. You don't see that stop sign that you plan to start your walk in the far off distance that looks like a dot. In fact, you are running and then BAM, there's the stop sign.

I decided that I didn't want to tell anyone at the dropzone that I was running, because I really just wanted to run alone. I had to work out some stuff in my head and I wanted to work on my stride. I started out stretching and a warm up walk to get my blood flowing. I had my ipod turned on and I spent the walk trying to figure out what would be great to hear while running. I accidentally turned it on to Love Actually soundtrack, which is not normally music that gets you pumped for running. However, it fit the mood of the fog and chilly weather. It actually motivated me to run faster, especially Dido. I could start to feel it in my legs, because I was really working my stride. I picked up the pace and before you knew it, I was ready to walk. I walked some more; I ran some more. I looked at the beautiful morning sun peaking through the fog. It was great and I never felt like I had been running. I love cold running and have been waiting for this time of year.

The total dropzone run was about 2.2 miles and my legs are feeling it now. I can't wait to have more morning runs like this one today and I have a week off to do just that, while I wait for my new job to start. I'm slowly building it back up again.

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