Thursday, October 21, 2010

Most Played Neighborhood Running

Apparently, I am titling my posts to coincide with my music choices on my ipod. Mainly, I'm listening to my ipod, because I have been running alone alot lately. Jodi has abandoned me for work and well Mal is Mal. However, Mal and I are running this evening together as soon as she gets done with the bookstore.

Yesterday, I woke up late (that's 8 o'clock for that I'm unemployed) and thought, "Hey, it's time to get to that whole running thing." So, I found my shoes, did some light stretching, fixed up my ipod to sit in my shorts since I can't find my armband and wasn't wearing shorts with pockets, and got on my way. I chose my most played playlist, which starts with Gorillaz's Dare. That song really gets you going. I started walking and then got to the running. I chose to go the same path that I have been running in the neighborhood...0.7 miles to the stop sign, long stretch by the outlet mall, and then a roundabout back to the house. I'm not sure how many miles it is total, but I"m guessing somewhere in between 2 and 3 miles.

I ran all the way to the stop sign and kept on running. I can't believe I finally passed that darn stop sign. I made it halfway on that long stretch by the outlet mall before I stopped for a quick walk. I walked/ran, walked/ran all the way back to my house. In fact, I did better running and more of it then the last time. I added more runs if I walked and went around the back of my house instead of cutting the trip short. I also worked on my stride and getting much better. Go me.

Once Mal gets here, we will decide if we are going to do that same run or head to Memorial Park. I really want to try 6 miles, but Jodi won't be there tonight and Mal only wants to do 3 miles. I swear I'm gonna get better at this.

On a side note...TB found out I downloaded some local Houston rap songs by Slim Thug on his Itunes account without his knowledge. Slim Thug has some great songs that can be used in skydiving and to pump me up for running.

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  1. What a great run :D

    I used to run with a friend that wanted to run less than me... I would go out with her, and then run a bit afterwards on my own as well. That way, mostly everyone is happy! :)


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