Monday, April 30, 2012

An Exercise Review

I've decided to combine a bunch of posts in to one so that I can eliminate lots of posts with similar information.

Mean Green Boot Camp

Thursday night, I endured the legs workout at Hermann Park. I'm not sure what I was getting in to, but I certainly didn't think it would be as hard as it was. Boy, was I ever wrong. We stretched and then warmed up by running around the area for 2 laps. Then, it was time for abs. Thankfully, we only did150 total (I think...I did so much, I can't remember). Yes, no, it was 150. We started out in the crunch position and then moved to bicycle crunches. We couldn't really relax, because we had to hold in the front crunch position.

Then, we moved to legs. At this point, I'm fuzzy on what all we did. There were lots of jumping squats (sooooo many), running, knee highs, quick steps, more running, sets of all of that combined in to 1 exercise, etc. After all of that, my clock said 6:56. Oh my, we still have more than 15 minutes of pain to go. We then grabbed a partner and headed for the tables. I hold a hand and step up, kneeing the air for 45 seconds. That was probably the longest 45 seconds of my life. But wait, we had to do the other leg. Unfortunately, my right leg was jelly and I could barely step up. So, I had to grab the table with my other hand just to help. Then, we switched. Everyone was so motivating and yelling out you got this. We turned the shout out for sexy legs to sexier legs. I liked it. Then, Chris wanted to introduce us to his mean ex named Hilly. Yup, that's right, it was time to run up the hill. We had to run up as fast as we can and then control jog down 4 times. The first one that shouted, "Results," meant that we were done. If he called our name, we had to do 5 jumping squats (at this point, they were just squats) in place. When I completed my third set, I heard the best sounding word in the universe, "RESULTS!" We could finally stop, although, now, we had to finish our ab workout. This time, it was Hulu Hoop abs and the opposite toe touches. The first person to complete the opposite toe touches finished for all of us. Chris said a quote that I just loved, unfortunately, I don't remember all of it since I was doing jumping squats when he said it. "A vision without an action is not a plan (or something). An action without a vision is a nightmare." Very cool words.

Friday Running

I tried to take Remington up to Hermann Park, but they were having some kind of event. It was so packed and lots of traffic. I decided to just head home, because I knew I could use the running/exercise trail (surrounds 2 large soccer fields) that just opened up by my apartment. I am not sure how long this trail is, because it only gives you warmup/cooldown exercises on the signs at each station. We walked up there and started the run as soon as we got through the gate, but I was having issues with the bag and bag holder. Plus, Remington wanted to stop every 2 ft to sniff and chew. But finally, we got on a pace albeit slow, but a pace nonetheless. I love Hermann Park for the shade it offers me. This trail didn't have any shade whatsoever. Remi was getting slower and slower and sometimes, I had to walk, because he didn't want to jog anymore. I ran 2 laps around before deciding to end it due to my dog's lack of desire to run with his mommy. He was hot (and I have to admit that I was alittle hot, too) and just done. So, we walked home. What I do love about this place is that I can easily walk home, but I think I will keep this run for early mornings. I just wished I knew how long it was. My Nike + ipod said it was 2.25 milesm but I doubt that seriously.

Saturday Running

Once again, Remi and I head to Hermann Park in the evening for a quick 1.5 short run. We had luck this time since it wasn't as packed and we were there after the zoo crowd. I have a feeling that Friday's event was something to do with Miller Outdoor Theater. They had an event Thursday night, too. We walked a bit so that I could get his bathroom breaks out of the way (less stops). I started out with Beyonce Crazy in Love when I picked up the run. There wasn't anything special about this run, except maybe that Remi and I ran up and down the stairs again. I was still pretty sore from Thursday's boot camp. I ran for 3 songs and walked for 2 songs. Remi tripped me and I almost wiped out pretty bad, but I caught myself just in time. Ninja skills come in handy!

Sunday Running

I have only completed 1-2 mile runs since I got back to exercising after my surgery. With the Sprint for Life 5K coming this Saturday, I was really needing to run a 3.1 mile run to get ready or make sure that I won't die. So, for Sunday's run, I wanted to go back to my old faithful, Memorial Park. I love this run, because 1 lap is 3 miles long. The more laps I have to do, the more I get discouraged from running. I hate seeing the same things over and over and over again. When I finish a lap at Memorial Park, I feel like I accomplished something. When I run 2 laps, I feel like Wonder Woman. When I run 3 laps (happened once), I felt unstoppable. But today, I just wanted to finish 1 lap and 1 lap only.

It's been awhile since I've been here and I missed the hustle and bustle of the runners and walkers of this oftentimes packed park. And this day was no different. In fact, I parked somewhere between the 2 and 3 mile markers, because there were already a lot of people at 11 a.m. Normally, I don't run during the middle of the day, because it's just too hot. However, in April, we get days that are nice...bearable in fact. So, I wasn't worried about the heat. I didn't take in to account the lack of shade. Due to the extreme drought we experienced last summer, at least a third of the trees died (probably more like half). They are making progress by planting some new ones, but they are still short. Consequently, the run was almost entirely in the sun.

On a side note, the Memorial Park Conservancy is holding a big campaign called Re:plant Houston. They had signs at almost every marker asking for donations or volunteering to help replant the trees. To be honest, it was weird seeing inside the forest and not seeing a thick wall of trees. I will help where I can.

I didn't have Remi with me, because this run is too long for him and there are way more dogs at this park. It would be too difficult to control him and have a decent run. So, it was just me getting back to the peace of running. I plugged in my ipod (no Nike + ipod), stretched, and walked to Ke$ha's Tik Tok for my warmup. As soon as the song was done, I started running. I kept a pretty good pace for 1.5 miles without stopping. WOW! I haven't done that in such a LONG time. It felt good. I actually ran a little more, but then stopped. I didn't want to push myself so quickly even though I think I could have made it to the next marker. My plan was to pick up the run at the next quarter mile, but I missed it as usual. When I could see the 1 1/2 mile marker, I started running. I ran for awhile wanting to make it to the 2 mile marker so I could have a good walk cooldown right to my car. However, I got hit with some nausea and then headaches. Being in the sun for that long was starting to hit me and unfortunately, the edge of the trees didn't provide help. I walked the rest of the way, except for a quick jog when I felt better. I stretched before I got in my car to head home.

There were 2 songs that just hit me on this run:  B52s' Juliet of the Spirits (change out for Kristi or KW, of course) and Elton Johns' I'm still standing. These songs just inspired me to keep going when I felt tired. And it certainly, helped my personal life mood.

On another side note, I should have ran the other way so that I could end with a workout at the adult playground. Once I saw my car, there was no way that I was walking over there.

After I got done with the run, I felt confident about my 5K on Saturday. Will I run it all without stopping? Probably not, but that's more likely because of Kate Scaife and her first 5K ever. I'm going to have to pull out every trick in the book to get her to run more than she ever expected (oh...I will, I will Kate. Muhhahaahhaa). Anyhoo.

Oh and big news for me, I lost weight. I bought a scale finally and I lost 3lbs. YAY!


  1. I love the new look of your blog . . . it has the feel of fresh air and mountains.

    Good luck on the marathon. I will be rooting for you in spirit since I can't be there.

  2. I LOVE loops! I feel seeing the same thing again distracts me, because my brain focuses on recognizing things, haha. If it's a route I've never been on and I have my Garmin, I will usually not even pay too much attention to where I'm going. Weird, I've always loved repeats.

    I think it's great you want to help with the replanting! That is a worthy cause indeed. I love trails in the forest and it's a shame that they're becoming less accessible :(

    You'll kick ass at the 5K wohooo!!!


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