Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Mean Way to Exercise

Last night, I used my Living Social deal for a month of unlimited boot camp training with Mean Green Training & Bootcamp. I have had this scheduled since before my surgery, but I was unsure of how my ankle would do in bootcamp since it's still weak. Plus, I've been dealing with this horrible week long vertigo sickness and the strain of roughly 10 hours of testing on Monday. Naturally, I was nervous about my energy level, about getting dizzy, about my ankle popping open, etc., etc. I even wrote them an email to maybe postpone it just in case so I get the full value of my workout. Thankfully, they didn't reply back to me.

In all actuality, I was having a rough day yesterday and I was more than happy to get my stress out with some hardcore training. By the end of the day, I noticed that I didn't have any dizzy attacks and felt confident to go. If something happened, I would just take a break or go home.

What I liked about this bootcamp compared to the other one that I have attended at Elite FX Studio is it's on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When Elite FX removed those days from their schedule, it made it harder for me to get there. Plus, Mean Green is outside at Hermann Park in the evening. So, it's closer to home. Right now with the weather all beautiful and nice, it's great to be outside doing boot camp. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about being outside exercising in a couple of weeks. But whatever.

I got there a little early, early enough to realize that I didn't know exactly where to meet and I didn't bring anything I was supposed to bring (i.e., towel/mat, dumb bells, living social certificate, and certificate of registration). Yup, I was a big failure on that part, but my only excuse is that I've been really sick lately. At least I had a towel in my trunk. So, I got some stretching in before the class all met and of course, two girls (first boot camp ever) and I were in the wrong area waiting. I forgot about the concrete slab meeting area at the bottom of the Miller Outdoor Theater hill (can't they bring back 80s movies night like last year already?).

Finally, everyone showed up and of course my name was not on the list. It was okay since I forgot all my paperwork. They still let me play. The regular members were really nice and encouraging. The Instructor, Chris was pretty cool and gathered us around for more stretching. I can't have too much stretching! He told us that we are working on arms today (which didn't mean it was ALL arms), to breathe, and don't be afraid to take a break or get water. I like that, because sometimes you feel bad when you take a break. It's like the instructors are staring at you thinking she's the big whiney wuss with her wittle water bweaks.

Now, it was time to exercise, burn some calories, and feel like a jelly mess. He asked the 2 Candices to pick a number between 1 and 10. Our numbers were 7 and 6 or maybe it was 9. I don't really know, but it basically boiled down to we were doing 630 ab crunches. You read that correctly, 630 AB CRUNCHES. Thankfully, we weren't doing them all then, but we did do 330. We were told that the remaining 300 would be done at the end of the boot camp. The first 330 were fluctuating between bicycle crunches (already do...well, before I got sick) and scissor crunches. And I did them all. I might not have gotten all 330, because I missed some on the switch. But I still did freaking over 300 and that's alot.

We then moved to running/jumping jacks and dumb bell workout. I grabbed someone else's dumb bells (10lb...sheesh, I had to stand next to a guy). You do shoulder presses and out in fronts until someone tags you out to run and do jumping jacks. Of course, nobody grabbed me or the other guy, Jeff since we had the heavier weights. Finally, he was tagged and then he tagged me when he came back. After that, Chris gave us numbers from 1 to 5. We had to run down, do 4 knee highs, and then return for 4 more knee highs. If our number was called, we had to go over to the circle and do 10 jumping jacks. I missed the first time 4 was called. Oh well, I made it up in the 3. Chris encouraged us to hi-five anyone that you can and we did. I'm all about the hi-five. In fact, after each exercise, we were told to tell eachother that we were awesome. I mean, I know I am, but it's nice to hear from strangers. HA! I keed I keed. I really did like that about the boot camp. You think of boot camp as hard and something to make you cry, but this was pretty encouraging, while losing some lbs.

There were more exercises, team exercising with lots of arm dips and pushups off a table, while your partner did 100 quicksteps. Anytime you finished counting, you shouted, "RESULTS!" At the end, we had to hold the dumb bell over our head, while we high kneed. When he called our number, we went to him. When we got to the last part, he had this other guy (also named Chris) to do a 100 high knees. We were not allowed to stop until he said the magic word. I didn't make it.

Now, it was time for the last set of ab crunches...300 to be exact. That's right, 3 freaking 00. Bajeebus. We did Russian Dips (sitting up and twisting your torso) first and the girl next to me let me use her weight. The switch crunch was the Opposite Touch or something like that where you lay down, lift your legs up straight (as straight as you can), and touch your toes. You wouldn't think it was hard, but it is. Trust me.

All in all, I really enjoyed the class and will be back for the leg workouts on Thursday. And since this is unlimited for a month, I'm going to attend the Saturday class, as well. I have to get in shape for my trip to France in 3 weeks. WEEEE!

On a side note, I biked a couple of miles on Saturday. The wind was up and it was a workout. I cut the bike ride short due to my body's weakness from being sick. On Sunday, I ran/mostly walked the short 1.5 mile loop with Remington at Hermann Park. I was feeling real bad all day, but the weather was so nice. I just had to get out there to enjoy it. I only ran for 2 songs total and walked the rest.

Remington and I taking a break.
 As a reminder, I'm running in the Sprint for Life 5K for MD Anderson on May 5, 2012. If you can, please donate with just a $1 or come join our team. Go to for more information.

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