Friday, April 13, 2012

Remington Needs Some More Running

It's weird, because usually I don't run or workout as much on a Friday. However, I really needed the exercise. I needed to feel the wind against my face and just think about how this week is finally over. I'm 5 weeks closer to getting away for awhile and I couldn't be more excited. So, I need to focus on The Cause Competition and lose my 20 lbs.

I loaded my very impatient running partner, Remington (Lady went out first for some ball throwing in which Remi was not happy) in the car and headed to Hermann Park. I decided to just hit shuffle on my running playlist and start with something new this time for my warmup walk (sorry TikTok). This time, it was The City.

This is a great song and something I may use in my new blog (coming soon); however, the song came on twice in a row. The first time was the normal one and the second one was the remix version. I guess it was good to have the faster version when I started running, but too much of the same song is not a good thing. Oh well, I let it play.

So, why the title of my post? Well, Remi was not good. In fact, I gave him enough time to sniff and take bathroom breaks. However, when we got to the tree shaded area by the Pagoda, Remi just decided that he was done. He stopped A LOT. He sat down at one point. I kept trying to tell him that we haven't even run that much, but this is the farthest we have ran together. At one point, he saw another dog (dogs all over and I had him controlled for the most part) about 30 ft ahead of us. He pulled to get to the puppy. I guess I screamed out, "No" really loud, because the group with the dog turned around and had the puppy laid down until we passed. I thanked them.

After seeing my baby boy's struggles, I ran 1 song and walked 1 song. I did run down and up the stairs with Remi and felt good about it. When I reached the top, I must have yelled out "Wooooo!" The golfers were all looking at me when I started to run on the path again. I laughed. I kept up my run/walk scheme until I got to the stopping point for my final cool down walk.

This wasn't my best run mainly due to my dog. But it was also due to my music. It seemed like every song on my playlist was the slower songs, the more mellow songs. There was no real pump, get your heart racing music. I think Remi didn't really care about the run; he was just glad it was over with and is now passed out. Tomorrow, I get a scale so that Jim and I can do an official weigh in for The Cause. We shall see if I've lost any pounds so that I can be well on my way to winning.

Again, I have to mention that I'm running in the MD Anderson Sprint for Life 5k on May 5, 2012. It's my first real race back. I'm doing this in honor of the Allen sisters' mother who died of Ovarian Cancer. I also found out that my Great Aunt Betty died of Ovarian Cancer, which means that I'm also running for her. If you can, please donate on my page or you can join our team in the run/walk.

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  1. Poor, Poor Remington . . . he is just too old for all that running. Take some pictures of him ont he trail.

    I like the sound but I don't like the rap music in the song or is that in the video?


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