Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tuesday's Bootcamp

I got there in enough time to setup and do some introductions before we started our stretches. I haven't had a stretch feel so good in a long time. We first ran our 2 warmup laps before we headed to map for the dreaded ab workout. I thought last Tuesday was rough with over 600 crunches. I was wrong, so wrong. We had to do the dreaded military style ab crunch (forget the name) where you hold your legs straight about 6" off the ground. After a certain amount of time passed, we moved our legs up and down (and a little bump at the end for more challenge) and then return back to the holding position. Then, we did the Russian Twists instead of moving our legs up and down. My tummy felt like a rock. The torture was finally over only to go on to other things.

There were 3 sections set up:  1 group (me) were to do the high-knees, 2 group would do bicep curls/shoulder presses 100 times, and 3 group would do jumping jacks. Once the 100 was reached, we moved to the next section. This was our first run through. The second run through had 1 group doing 250 high-knees. The third run through had the 3 group doing 75 jumping jacks. I was proud to say that I was the first to reach 75 jumping jacks. Actually, we had a mini competition on the second run where I reached 100 of the tricep curl workout before we could move on to the next section. There were other exercises, but I just can't remember everything. I really should write this as soon as I get home, but I was tired and hungry. Anyways, we ended with more ab exercises, but this time with planks. Oh my, the planks. So much planks. In the end, I felt good for going, because I had some issues with my sickness that reared its ugly head. I wasn't sure I would make it there or not.

Also, I made Veggie Paella for the first time with Lime-Butter Grilled Corn. It was so delicious and so very healthy.

I'm going to try to go to Bootcamp this evening, but it's looking highly unlikely. My sickness again has hit me harder than before, but thankfully, it's not dizziness. I think it's just the viral part of the viral infection. And hopefully that means it's on the way out of my body for good. I'm not sure I will be able to run tomorrow and basically, I'm just showing up to the 5K on Saturday. Cross your fingers that it goes well.

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