Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reunited and It Feels So Good

I'm actually writing these next two posts out of sequence, because I haven't gotten all of the pictures ready from my trip that involve my two exercise activities I actually did when not drinking wine and eating cheese and eclairs chocolat (bloating section to come soon).

Yesterday was Memorial Day, a national holiday that honors the many men and women who have lost their lives serving for our country. Most Americans use this day off to bbq, go to the beach/lake/pool, or pretty much do any outdoor activity all day as much as possible since the end of May is not a miserable hot yet like the months to come. My outdoor activity...running with my old running partners. Hence, the title of this blog. I'm reunited with Haley and MaloRee and it feels so good. Yeah, I went there.

The girls showed up and in my naivetee, I thought we would swim first and then run in the evening when it was less sun. But noooooo, we had to run the middle of the day. Thank you Mal and your sadistic new attitude that you picked up in Grenada. At least the pool would feel exceptional once we were done.

Our before shot showing us still alive.
The plan was to go to Hermann Park for a quick 1 mile (ok, really, it's 1.98 miles, but I wasn't informing Haley on the details). However, I forgot that it was Memorial Day. Everyone was at the zoo and they had so many roads blocked off. We couldn't find parking and didn't want to pay to park at Rice University. So, we went back home to run around my apartment. I mentioned to the girls that there is a new running path that opened and I've used, but I didn't know how long it was and there was absolutely no shade whatsover. I apparently was the only one concerned about this, but I digress.

We parked the car at my apartment and walked up to the running path. Haley immediately wanted to run, but I'm all about a warmup first. As soon as we got in the gate, we stretched a little bit and started our short jog. Haley and I are still slow; Mal is not. Along with her brand new super skinny and tanned body (hate you Mal...seriously), she's faster, as well. The route was HOT. The iron fence surrounding the path made it even hotter. Sometimes, I felt smoke coming off of my skin from the burning. We ran around without stopping, but I needed a quick walk break as soon as we got to the starting point. Our conversation was mostly catching up with eachother's lives...Haley's weird disease, their country dancing, my trip, Mal's trip to Nicaragua, school, family, etc. When we made it around halfway, I started to get nauseaus. I managed to find the only 1 ft diameter of shade underneath this small tree where I could just stop to get better. I walked around the shade line to keep moving, while Haley and Mal kept moving around in the sun. Hey, I just got back in from England the night before with lack of sleep and it was after 3 p.m. on a hot day.

Finally, the vomiting feeling passed and I was cleared to run. We kept going until we got across the street where the shade was located. I walked not for a cooldown, but just to walk. Afterwards, we got in the pool and had fun like old times.

Mal and Haley goofing off in the pool.

Sexy women poolside.


Okay, Haley and I can be serious.
My new camera is waterproof.

Haley and Mal underwater...if you couldn't tell.

Mal's like a fish.

Seriously, how did Mal make this look easy?

I had a smile on my face in the other pictures, but this is the only one that came out of all 3 of us. I blame Mal.
We did do 1 lap in the pool for some exercise and I'm pretty sure I stretched. I swear it. Really. Then, Mal asked about when we would have dinner, which was code for I'm hungry. Haley finally answered and I laughed, because I was thinking the same thing...FOOD now. So, we got out of the pool and made a really healthy dinner (at 5 p.m.). I guess old age is finally hitting me now.


  1. Glad ya'll had a great day !!!

  2. Love your new uw camera . . . now you can be dangerous around the pool.

    So Mal is here . . . let's do Mexican food one night.

  3. Yes, she's here for a couple of months. I will talk to her about it, but I'm betting she would be happy to have Mexican food.

  4. Wow, so great that you got to run with your old running buddies! I really miss mine. There's nothing like good companionship to keep you going!


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