Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MRI Finally

Well, I went to get my MRI done finally on my left ankle. I wished I could get results, but they said it would take 1-2 days. So, I scheduled my next Doctor's appointment for Monday. I am not sure I'm going to be able to wait that long for the results. I have 2 big fears going on:

1. Is that it's the really bad ligament tear that will take likely 6 months of recovery, which means I'm out of skydiving and teams this year...oh and running. I won't be able to do that half marathon in the near future.

2. They can't find anything. This ankle will be left undiagnosed and I'm suffering with swelling and pain everyday. Oh and taking ibuprofin.

So, now I'm just waiting...waiting...waiting. Did I mention that I hate waiting?

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  1. :(
    But maybe it will be a happy middle of the two options - they will find something easy to fix, and all will be well soon!

    I'm hoping for the best possible test results ever for you :)


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