Monday, January 17, 2011


Well, I can't exercise too much and especially can't run right now. So, I got on a kick to do crunches to at least get this tummy down to anything than what it looks like right now. I've been pretty good about doing 100 crunches every morning, but usually I don't on the weekends. I know, but we are in the RV and sometimes, it just doesn't happen.

Anyways. The reason for the post is that I saw this video called Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs by Jackie. I was interested and checked out the reviews. There wasn't one person that didn't like it. It was on sale for 10 dollars and I was already ordering stuff for a goodbye present. My thoughts were that I could do some more abs work.

I got the DVD last week and tried it on Friday. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. She splits up the exercise program in two parts: Standing and lying down. I chose to Play All since I was pretty sure that I'm not going to do all of these workouts. I figured if this is crunch-free, than that means they will have planks involved and I can't do that at all. She's kindof manly, but oh my do her abs look like a work of art. She makes Jillian look weak. Her voice is not that annoying and the background music is not unbearable.

I also loved LOVED the fact that there were other options. Most workout DVDs will give you the lesser option. For instance, if you can't do this, than try it this way. This is relevant, I swear. On the first exercise, she told us to get weights. Well, I don't have weights; however, one of the girls didn't either. So, everytime there was a weight exercise, the girl showed the exercise without it. She was also the one showing us the lesser way to do the exercise if you couldn't do what Jackie says.

My abs hurt and still hurt; it's Monday and I did this on Friday. It was an excellent workout; however, I didn't use it to the full extent due to my ankle. I had to take a lot of breaks and there were things that I just couldn't do, i.e., planks, lunges, etc. If she wanted us to bend down and hold the position, I couldn't bend down all the way or I had to put the weight all on my right leg. So, I can see this workout DVD being so much more and I can't wait to hit it up when I'm healed.

On a side note: MRI results in a couple of hours.

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