Friday, February 7, 2014

Cycling Across the Pond, Part Deux

Sorry, this post is so late, but I have had a lot going on with planning the Quadraman Fun Run and starting my marathon training. My weeks have been filled with running, running, and more running. Plus, I started yoga again at the Yoga House Houston (falling in love with Kemetic Yoga) and four weeks of personal training from Suzanne at Workout Nirvana (see my review here). I had to make out a schedule for everything and force a rest day.

But anyway back to the post at hand.

Once again, I found myself cycling in England. I mean I have a bike if you recall just waiting there...calling my name from across the pond, "Kristi...I miss you...Kristi." So, Jim and I waited for a day when the parentals weren't with us and the day wasn't filled with rain and cold and wind.

And Saturday was the day. Jim had to get some glasses in Wetherby and the weather was actually kind of nice outside. Plus, we needed to stop by Sykes House Farm and buy some meat for the English Sunday dinner (which was on Monday, but who really cares). It was just the perfect opportunity and we couldn't pass it up. I didn't even care that I ran earlier that morning.

I had to get used to biking again. I've only done a few bike rides here and there since my surgery, but I was on my own bike. I also had to get used to the hills again. UGH! I forgot about the hills.

We decided to head down the old train tracks again that were turned into a bike and walk and run path. It's a total of seven miles roundtrip. I'm not going to lie, it was chilly, but at least it wasn't raining...yet. The sheep looked at us like we were crazy. It's almost like they knew something we didn't know.

I guess we should have checked the trail report for wind damage to trees. 

This is how you get through the obstacles on a bike ride.

You people are nuts.
We got to Wetherby, ordered his glasses, and stopped by a pub for a drink. I was happy to know they had some good craft beer and even Cask beers. I then turned my happiness to annoyed, because Jim has NEVER taken me here before. WHY? WHY OH WHY? Damn him. He now knows.

Drinking a delicious winter cask beer called the Winter Goat or something.

After our nice beer, we headed to Sykes House Farm for the meat.

Had to get a picture of me, my bike, and Wetherby.

Right after this picture was taken, that old lady said something to me. To this day, I have no idea what she was saying. Neither did Jim. It was a harsh Yorkshire accent and she was kindof incoherent. 

Slowly but surely, the rain started, but we couldn't feel it covered underneath the trees. It wasn't so bad until we got out of the farm with our purchased meat. It was sideways. If you recall from my last post, I didn't get introduced to running in the rain until really New Years Eve. Saturday was clear, but cold...oh so cold. So, I was hoping that the day would continue to stay rain free. Well, we should have watched the weather report. Would it have deterred us from going? Probably not. But still. We should have been more prepared.

Then, we got back to the big hill in town. Last time, I had to walk up it, because it was too steep and too many cars. But there wasn't any cars this time around and I decided to go for it. I ran up, so I can bike up it, too. I was so happy I survived it without stopping or dying.

All in all, it was a great Saturday ride with a great guy. And I'm now thinking about triathlons. I mean, I did running earlier that day, then biking, and then biking in the rain (that should count for swimming, shouldn't it?). Yup, I'm ready.

The Quadraman Fun Run is tomorrow at 8 a.m. Tonight is the last time you can register online. If you haven't registered or donated for the Quadraman, you still have time. Don't miss out in this inexpensive run for a good cause. And don't forget, we have a virtual run option, as well. Register at or donate at If you are donating to help a registered runner raise funds, then place their name in the Ticket Holder Name field.


  1. Love this, Kristi! The tree obstacle and the Yorkshire lady yelling something and having a meat buying duty on your agenda...all fun. But hearing about the cold and rain in England makes me think you would have been toughened up better for when we had our icy drizzle adventure last Friday. Hope the Quadraman Run went well!

    1. Thanks Beth. Yes, I kept smiling at the nice lady and mumbling yes to her and have a great day. Oh it did toughen me up. I actually went out to run a couple of times in the rain and cold when I would not have previously if it was anything below 60F. So, I feel better.
      The Quadraman was great. I am in the midst of writing that post (pretty much done) and waiting on pictures now. Thanks again for your support!

  2. Haha! I love this report and can SO imagine an old lady shouting at you! They do round there, they think you're weird for being on your bike.. Glad to hear Quadraman went well and can't wait to read that report. I'm so sorry you're not coming to this country - so sorry about that. We'll just have to meet in the US. And as for triathlons - ABSOLUTELY! Come join in!

    1. Well, she wasn't really shouting at me. she was talking to me about my bike...I think. Oh Lord, she could have been shouting at me. I have no idea. It was just so random and weird. Yes, it did go well. We raised over $3000. I'm hoping for more next year. My report is coming very very soon. I'm waiting on some remaining pictures.

      I've already joined a triathlon club and now doing one this year. Maybe even two. I haven't decided which one yet though.


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