Sunday, December 8, 2013

Turkey Day Biking

Ever since I did the Turkey Trot last year, I am now on a mission to do some type of exercise on Thanksgiving day before the gorgefest later on that evening. It really makes me feel good and ready to eat.

I was not ready to run this year, but I was definitely ready for some biking. I had a plan to go out on my own for a ride around Rice University. It's usually about seven miles total, but I was close enough to home to avoid what happened last time I tried to bike.

On a side a note, I tried to bike up to BikeFest Downtown last month. I made it halfway and had to call a cab to come pick me up, because I felt overheated. Granted, I was still getting over a sickness (and found out quickly after that I was not done), but it still sucked.
So, I saw a note from my friend, David about biking. I mentioned my planned bike ride and he was here in an hour or so to join me. He's kind of a biking monster. I was so happy to have the company.

First thing I noticed...I was in the lead. This was not David's normal route, but it was mine. EEK! Do I normally lead? No. Do I like to lead the bike ride? Not right now, I don't. But I did it anyways. Second thing I noticed was how slow I was. So. Freaking. Slow. I felt like I was pedaling through molasses or something. I just kept apologizing to David and lucky he was in the mood for an easy ride.

Our path took us around Rice, through West U (thought a bar would be open on turkey day like it is on Christmas, but it wasn't) and back around Hermann Park, and then on to home. We stopped at the Reflection Pool first for some pictures. 

Black and White at Reflection pool.
A cool Instagram effect. Which is better?

It was a beautiful day, but slightly cold. 
And then we stopped at the Japanese Garden.

David doing his zen thing at the Japanese Garden.

I don't remember seeing turtles before. 

We just biked...on Thanksgiving...we rule. 
David hadn't been to either place before and we are looking to propose a bike ride to Crucial Matter for the Spring.

Unfortunately, the Hermann Garden Center was buh bye. Not sure if it's coming back or getting a massive face lift. The pagoda was on a lift ready for moving.

On the way back, we took the shortcut through Hermann Park and then back along the bridge. It was a nice 8+ mile bike ride, perfect for what I needed. My only issue was the helmet. It has lights on it that are connected to this big wire thing under the helmet. It makes the space in the helmet less and constricts against my head. When I get hot, it gives me a headache. Needless to say, I rode without a helmet for the last half of the ride, which normally I don't like. However, there wasn't much traffic out there, like at all.

Now, that I have done some type of exercise two years in a row, I certainly want to make this a tradition for future years whether it's running, biking, kayaking, skiing or hiking. I just need to get out there and do something. I was only sad that I couldn't volunteer like I did last year.

Next ride is the Chelsea Norman Memorial Ride on Wednesday starting at Whole Foods Market Montrose at 7p.m. Come join us to show your support for someone that was killed on a bike ride home from work.

Also, if you missed my post about my first organized fun run, please check it out.

Register for this easy and inexpensive run at Everyone is encouraged to raise funds for their run. A special gift will be given to the top fundraiser. Donate at If you are donating to help a registered runner raise funds, then place their name in the Ticket Holder Name field.

So, please come out and show your support to help our friend called David.

Like our Facebook page for updates on the fun run and fun facts or visit Dave's Caring Bridge site for updates on his progress.


  1. Best of luck with your fun run.. sounds like a good cause!

  2. Thanks Nicole. Hopefully, you will be able to join us on a virtual run.


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