Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jingle Bell 5 Mile Recap

It's Christmastime (hence the font color). The Christmas lights are flashing, the hot chocolate is brewing, presents are opening, and there are more cops on the road to catchya after too much eggnog at the holiday party. What better way to celebrate than with a run...and not just a 5k, but a 5 mile run. Am I really ready for this? I think not. Am I going to try it anyways, because I'm a complete moron? Oh hells yes.

This is the second time that I have actively participated in dressing up for a race. Last time, the girls and I donned the Maiden USA costumes during the Hot Undies Run. For this race, I decided to be more creative and fun. I searched Pinterest for some cute ideas and landed upon one. Sara was immediately on board and we bought our pieces separately.

Pinterest Inspiration 

Alas, the Snow Princesses were born and looking pretty cute I might add.

Striking a pose to melt your heart!
Finally, December 14, 2013, arrived and it was time to put on our super cute costumes. We looked amazing. I couldn't have been more happier. If we would have showed up early for the costume contest, we so would have won.

I mean seriously, did the other runners have a chance at the costume contest?

That. Just. Happened. 
On a side note, we went to the Walgreen's to get a solid color red scarf for my costume. We caused quite a stir, but a man wanted to take a picture with us to use in the holiday card promo. Actually, this wouldn't be the first time we were asked to take a photo with the guys. Sara may or may not have caused a fight between a woman and a man. I swear we thought we were just cute.

We arrived at the event and it was cold and windy, but thankfully, it was sunny. So, as long as we stayed in the sun, we were golden. We walked around looking at everything and I conceded that our costume was in fact the best. Only one other costume got my attention and that was the Gingerbread man costume (didn't get a picture though).

Hey look, it's Santa AND Clutch. We had to get a picture. 

Okay, maybe this little guy was cuter than the Snow Princesses.

Or maybe this guy. I want a puppy so bad.

This was a contender for the most original, but we were betterer (spelled wrong on purpose).
As they called for our race to begin, I got nervous. Even Sara was nervous. I haven't ran this far in a LONG LONG time (same for her). At this point, I've only ran 1.5 miles maybe. Then, I heard the countdown song of Jingle Bells. This was different, but totally cool. Then, we were off. Here goes nothing.

Check out my snowflake red scarf that I had to get to finish the costume.

That's right...we are in the FIVE mile run. WHOA!

Even though it was stupid packed, I didn't feel as jammed as I did in the Turkey Trot.
We (mostly me) was slow and that's how I wanted it. The plan was to run the first mile without stopping and then go four minutes run/one minute walk, which we did for the most part. Since there were small hills involved, I would just run to the bottom (even if we were at four minutes), walk up to the top, and then start the one minute walk at the top of the hill. I quickly learned that I should have ran a bit on the cement instead of on the running track. My feet immediately felt different. In fact, my feet hurt alot, but I kept on pushing through. I was so proud of how great I did considering the lack of running and the foot.

Um...didn't know Clutch was running. Didn't know Clutch was already passed the that costume. GRRRR! No wonder we met up with the walkers.

Cute reindeers and snow princesses...yes, please.

Sara had to join in on the fun.

Hopefully, I'm still in love like this after all of these years.

Yeah, these hats were cool!

We got a lot of compliments on our costumes during the race, including a lady from the top of the bridge taking pictures of Sara and I. And because we were going slow, I was very aware of the photographers. One of them even told me how great are costumes were.

Our 50,001 compliment of the race...from a photographer...we rule.

Jim noticed we were all smiles. There's a reason. 
Love this photo. We saw the photographers on the bridge and decided to do something fun. The other photog got us doing this. YES.

This was by far one of my favorite runs. Even Jim noticed what a good mood I was in when I got home. Sara and I just had so much fun looking at the costumes and enjoying the beautiful day, except for the bells. It was funny that I pushed for the bells on the shoes until Sara said how annoying that they will be to hear the entire run. OMFG, was it ever annoying. Everyone had bells going. One lady had an entire costume doused with bells from neck to toe. 

See bells...they all rang...ALL.OF.THEM. And naturally, she stayed with us the whole way.
I just wanted the bells to be gone; however, it helped push me to run faster. Even though the sun was out, I was glad that I wore my leggings. I probably could have gone with a t-shirt instead of a long sleeve, but it was nice while we waited for the race to start.

We finally crossed the finish line at 1:10:19, with a time that beat my first 10k. I got excited until I realized that I was running one less mile than a 10k. Oh well. I still had fun and I can't wait to do this again next year. And we ARE entering the costume contest and we WILL win.

This is what happens when you use Pinterest as your inspiration. I still feel like our costumes were way cooler. Get it...cooler...yeah, I know.
And what do Snow Princesses want when they are done with a great race...they want TACOS! So, we headed to the taco truck by West Alabama Ice House. This is where Sara almost caused a fight with a couple. Awesome. 

Barbacoa, white cheese, and lime on a corn please. 
So, if you are keeping score, that's one run done out of my upcoming races post. I already feel like I have accomplished something.

Next scheduled race is the Quadraman on Saturday, February 8, 2014. Register for this easy and inexpensive run at Everyone is encouraged to raise funds for their run. A special gift will be given to the top fundraiser. Donate at If you are donating to help a registered runner raise funds, then place their name in the Ticket Holder Name field. Like our Facebook page for updates on the fun run and fun facts or visit Dave's Caring Bridge site for updates on his progress.


  1. Looks like it was tons of fun. I guess I better start training for Quadraman or I'll be the last one to finish!

    1. Yes, you do, because you only have so many weeks left missy!

  2. What fun! I'm slow getting caught up with boring emails etc. This was a treat to read. Great photos and yes, you 2 were the very best snow princesses...and costumes period! A late Merry Christmas to you!!

    1. Thanks so much Beth. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you, too!

  3. Congrats on finishing the race, wow that looks like a really fun race. I love the costumes and yes you both were definitely the cutest snow princesses. Happy New Year !

    1. Thanks Freya. Yes, it was a fun race. Saw your post and loved it. You did alot too. Happy New Year.


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