Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bitter Cold Running

You read that right, I'm running again.

Well, it was more of a slow jog, but I will take it.

I feel like I've done this before. Is it deja vu'?

I bailed on the bike ride the night before, because of the temperature and wind. But I wasn't going to bail on my run scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. I had been thinking about it all was happening. I mean I have a five mile run scheduled for next weekend that I'm ill prepared for conquering. So, I needed to do something.

On a side note, Sara and I are going to look freaking Christmasy Awesome.Pictures to come soon.

I took my running partner, Remington to the little track by my apartment for some quick running on both Saturday and Sunday early morning. It's been awhile since the little man and I have ran together. With his surgeries and my surgery this year, we just haven't been ready. That all changed this past weekend. I did not bring my watch just because I didn't want to know how long it would take me to finish. However, I know that I ran/walked at least 1 mile on each day. On Sunday, I had my fitbit and know that it was 1.25 miles before I started my cooldown walk home. I could tell in one day that I wanted more, which is why I added an extra half loop around part of the track.

Even though I was layered up, I could still feel the bitter cold against my face. I didn't need to peel off any layers, while I ran. Best advice is to always have easy layers on when running in the cold weather so you can pull them off and tie them around your waist so as not to bother you when you running. And maybe get one of those velcro face masks for the wind against your face (good for biking, too).

I'm glad to be back to doing what I love best...running. I just need to keep it up and hopefully adding many more runs with the little guy.

Also, if you missed my post about my first organized fun run, please check it out.

Register for this easy and inexpensive run at Everyone is encouraged to raise funds for their run. A special gift will be given to the top fundraiser. Donate at If you are donating to help a registered runner raise funds, then place their name in the Ticket Holder Name field.

So, please come out and show your support to help our friend called David.

Like our Facebook page for updates on the fun run and fun facts or visit Dave's Caring Bridge site for updates on his progress.


  1. welcome back to running!! the great thing about coming back is you get to celebrate each mile and each achievement again!!

  2. Thanks so much Amanda. It is hard, but you are so right. I do get to celebrate all those little things all over again.

  3. Congrats on running again! You super woman: running in the bitter cold too? You're the real deal!!!!

    1. thanks Cintia! I'm trying. Yes, you know last weekend was brutal. I had so many layers and not once did I feel like peeling any off.


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