Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happiness Starts With You

I sit here typing away with another back injury and rearranging my marathon training schedule yet again. Yup, that's right. I'm injured again. I am doing what I can to not let it get me down. I'm tired of being sad about situations that keep happening. I'm just going to let it be and I'm certainly tired of fearing what may or may not happen. When I started my marathon program, I constantly fretted over whether I was going to get injured. People often made jokes about it (and rightfully so since this was the fifth or sixth marathon that I have tried to run, but couldn't due to an injury). Well, I got injured anyways and all that worrying did for me was make me a stress ball.

But I'm DONE with that...just like at the end of the movie clip above (btw, if you have never seen Kindergarten Cop, then I feel so very sorry for you). Solve the problem and move on to something better or just get a ferret.

On a side note, I went to a new doctor, because I didn't feel like my other back doctor did anything for me. New one says that I have a herniated disc. I can only do swimming, walking, and running if it doesn't hurt my back. I can't do any biking, rowing, upright cardio, exercises where I bend over, or core work for the next five weeks. OH JOY!

JL and I officially canceled the half marathon for this weekend (Ray is still running it), because we both just weren't ready. I could run for sure and definitely walk it, but I haven't ran over seven miles since the week before Quadraman. It just wouldn't be smart. I found a much more exciting half marathon at the end of the month that would work even better. Plus, it involves wine. Therefore, JL, Ray, and I will be running through Messina Hof Winery during a wonderful time of year at the Texas Wine Half Marathon and 5K Series on March 30, 2014. I'm looking so much more forward to this event than the other one.

I'm happy to finally have the problem diagnosed and a fix for it unlike last summer. So, my  marathon training for the next five weeks will be 2-3 days of running (if my back allows), walking, and lots of SWIMMING the rest of the time. I did run and walk 3ish miles last Sunday and I did okay. I had to make a stop in the middle, which through me off the rest of the way and I couldn't get into the running zone again. Then, I made another stop to talk to an old friend (great seeing you Billy).

But you know what, I'm excited about my new training program. Swimming will be excellent cross training for me, while I prepare for the big marathon in May. I even bought me some new goggles (lost mine), a kick board, and a pair of booties for aqua jogging. That's right, I've been running a few laps in the water after I finished swimming some laps. However, that pool floor cuts up my toes.

I was reading an article called Look and Feel Younger in Yoga Journal about the four things you need to do in order to make you feel young again, which in turn, will make you happy.
  1. Be Social. Talk about what's bothering you. Thankfully, I have Jim to listen to my constant woe is me complaints about my running or lack thereof. But it also suggests joining a book club, organizing a potluck dinner, or joining a charity softball team. I joined the Karbach Running Club...does that count?
  2. Go For A Run. Get outdoors for at least 30 minutes and walking counts, too. BOOM! Done. Although, I haven't been able to do any this week. Thank you weather Gods for making it rain heavily the only free day I had this week.
  3. Practice Yoga And Meditation Daily. Since I'm not allowed to do any yoga right now, with the exception of a few moves and yoga was one of the reasons amongst many for my back being out, I'm looking at meditation only. I spend about 5-10 minutes during my lunch break lying on my back to ease it after sitting all morning and meditate. It's really helped.
  4. Eat A Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet. I may not totally agree with this since I still love red meat and will never give that at all...oh and girl scout cookies. In fact, I feel young eating me some Samoa's. But I do know that eating less processed food has really helped my energy levels a great deal.
Also, check out this awesome post about the 10 simple truths you shouldn't ignore anymore, but we as humans always do. It was an amazing read and really hit home, especially with what I'm dealing with now. #10 talks about how everything changes, every second. My life changed again and will change in the next couple of months. It's scary, but I choose to embrace the change so I can ultimately be happy.

However, if I don't make this marathon happen, I may have to concede that it's not in my cards. And I'm okay with it. I got other activities and adventures that I can do in the meantime. Look out world! Here I come.

On another side note, some of these pictures were just posted on Faceworld and I had to use them in this post. So, thanks random people.

Are there any other "make you feel young again" tips to add? I may have to add act like a kid, because nothing makes you feel young like screaming with pure joy and excitement after going high on a swing. Hmmmm...I need to get back to trapeze soon. 


  1. Love your positive outlook! This post made me smile and Kindergarten Cop is a great movie! I've watched it several times. Okay, I'll follow your example and start swimming more. I guess I need to buy a decent bathing suit. I saw a few good ones on sale off season. I hope I can still get a deal :)

    1. I'm trying to be better at it. Love kindergarten cop! Well you don't have to swim. You can do some other things like biking. But right now that's what I can do. However if you see a good deal on a swimsuit, then buy it!

  2. Porsche Concours in Kemah on Sunday. Did your Dr say anything about not driving Porsches?

    1. Well, since I drive my Porsche everyday, I'm going to say I'm good. But I'm watching my friend run the half on Sunday since I'm not going.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your back injury. I hope it will be better soon. I love swimming but never seem to have time, I definitely should try to change that. I admire your positive attitude.

  4. Thanks Freya. I guess I pushed it too hard when I started. Oh well. I'm trying to be positive so it doesn't get me down anymore. Like I said, tired of being sad. And I like my workout training program right now.

  5. Sorry about your injury. I was training to run my first half and had a knee injury that took forever to heal. It's so hard when things happen that are out of your control and screw with your training! I still have the goal of doing a half (after I pop this baby out), and knowing there is a WINE half marathon now might be some extra motivation! ;)

  6. Thanks Katie! I'm working on fixing the issue and get back to training as quick as possible.

    And there's a marathon in France I'm dying to run that is based on wine. Their water stations are wine stations and it's all about the fun of the Marathon.


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