Monday, August 22, 2011

Hot Undies Run 2011 Recap

Wow! I can't believe I did 2 races, 2 weekends in a row. First one was the Sand Crab 5K the Saturday before and now the Hot Undies Run. Both of these races were completely different. The 5K was to survive and the Hot Undies was just to have fun in my undies for charity and drink some beer. It is a 2 mile run that starts at an Irish pub, runs around Rice University, stops at another pub on campus (didn't know this since most of us thought we would stop at 3 pubs on the run), and then ends back at the Irish Pub. My only issue was this race was in the middle of the day (1 p.m.), which meant that it was probably the hottest race I have ever done. Texas has been dealing with triple digit weather for 4 weeks in a row without including the heat index. Thank God, it was a 2 mile run and mostly covered with trees.

Literally on Friday, my friend (Amy...yeah, I'm calling you out) and I decided to sign up for the Hot Undies run. She dragged her boyfriend along. I still had to go by some cute underwear for the run. I decided that since this is my first year, I would wear boxers (with no underwear on underneath) and see how people dress up or dress down before I just decide to flash my personal wear to the world. After seeing everyone, next year, I'm going all out with real underwear. I almost bought these cool Batman male boxer briefs (because quite frankly, he's a badass and so am I), but settled on these female boxers that you normally sleep in. It turned out that Amy had the same kind only different plaid. And the big theme this year was superheroes. There were alot of girls in the Batman, Superman, Flash, Iron Man, and Captain America underroos.

That morning, I popped in to an All Levels Vinyasa class. I figured it would be somewhat easy like the last one. I was so very wrong. This teacher was not easy. I had a pool of sweat and my body was achy, but I survived and then headed to my mother's for some lunch before the run. I got to the Irish Pub (first stop) right at 11:30 a.m. and it was packed. I saw my friends and headed on down to wait in line and check out the sights. Oh and there was some sights. Men wearing nothing but barrels, dark angels, superheroes, floureseant girls, etc. I downed a bottle of water and stayed away from the beer. I also entered in to the raffle (didn't win).

Amy and I before the race in our cute boxer matching underwear. Im trying to suck in my tummy.

Amy and Brian looking cute before the race. He really should've taken the shirt off!

Some Scottish runners.
These are the Flash underwear. I should've gotten a picture of the Batman ones.

Dark Angels to take down all runners
Amy and I lined up waiting for the race to start. It's getting hot.
The race started and it was kindof slow to get 700 people moving in this tiny area (the road wasn't blocked off). I kept getting stuck behind people that wanted to walk.

As you can see, why we started off slow.

I just jogged with my friends and huffed and puffed my way along. It was so hot and we were shaded for majority of the time. The little jogging path was bloated with runners in their underwear and people were driving by honking at us. I waved back at them (no...not with 1 finger to tell them they are was for charity). Some lady was commenting on how cute Amy and I's plaid shorts were. I'm glad we we coordinated even though we didn't plan it. Too bad Brian wore shorts and a shirt and ruined our whole unplanned theme.

Rice University campus is so pretty...thank God for trees.

Yeah, I fell behind. I got stuck behind these slower runners and I was just too tired and hot to try to catch up.
 We finally made it to the turnaround point and I stopped to walk, mainly because I was told that the pub was just around the corner. It was around several corners, so I picked up the run again albeit slower. But I'm pretty sure it was a mile that I ran without stopping (go me). Brian fell back with me and Amy (showoff) ran ahead and then the pub became real, not a myth. I decided to run to the pub and stop there. A guy in his underwear was playing the bagpipes. I grabbed a water that was laid out for us and then got in to the beer line. Basically, we lined up, went inside, took a beer that someone handed us, went out the other side, and then drank the beer outside. It was hot and the sweat was burning my eyes, but I had determination in my finish this beer, get going, and have more beers when I was done.

Brian and I enjoying our first beer of the day during the first pub stop (middle of the run). See how sweaty we are and it's only been a mile.

Bagpipe player in his underwear...nice.

There were 3 of them.

We drank our beers fast and got back to the run (only this time, we were walking). We walked all the way towards the end of the campus. We saw one of the guys on rollerblades in his underwear and I know he was a part of the race. Cheater. Some guy was cheering us on that was a volunteer and it inspired us to run. Brian threw water on me, but it felt really good. We walked again and then ran at the last part, slapping some kid's hands on the way.

We survived a very hot run even in our underwear. Amy and I got in to the sprinkler and it never felt so good. The beer was not cold like the Sand Crab race, but good. I saw some friends of mine, but couldn't get with them later.

Amy and I sweaty after the race.

Even though this race was so very hot, it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again next year. This time, I'm going to be in my underwear for real. 

On a side note, I took the Yoga For Athletes class on Sunday. Man, was that hard. She wanted to work our core and she did. I think the military people would have been crying if they had to do some of the stuff we were doing. There were things that I just couldn't do, but I tried everything. At one point, she wanted us to hold our Chatarunga, but everyone kept missing what she was saying. I missed it the first time, but I got it the second time. Too bad that so many people did. I looked at her and she just said, "Well, your classmates aren't listening." Evil lady. I came out of that class stretched, sore, shaky, and almost like jelly. And then, I went skydiving. I did 1 jump (head down and it was fast). I wanted to run that evening, but I took the doggies for a 1.5 mile walk instead around the apartments. 


  1. My gawd KWB, I'm exhausted just reading this! GREAT weekend! :)

  2. Is it because you are too old? I understand. Yeah, I had to pack in a lot of stuff and I didn't want to go overboard since the Hot Undies Run was the most important.

  3. The boxer shorts are "cute," and speaking of cute, so is Brian. But does he make a good living? LOL! I love the pictures . . it gives the viewer a sense of place. You put me right in the race. As Isabella says, "Good job, Auntie Kristi."

  4. We all work at the same job. He's an Engineer.

    Thank you mom.

  5. Where are the photos of the Victoria Secrets team?

  6. Hahhaah I love this post! It sounds like so much fun, even though I'm sweating just thinking about how hot it must have been. Perhaps next year you can go in a bikini and have an inflatable pool at the end to jump into when you're done...

    PS: don't waste time (and effort) sucking in your tummy - you have a nice tummy!

  7. Yes, the Victoria Secret's team was at another event. They couldn't even send their B team.

    Suz-It was a lot of fun. Next time, I'm going in my undies and a sports bra (still have trouble running with a regular bra). We did the sprinkler at the end and that was good enough. Thanks for the tummy comment. I choose to disagree! LOL!


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